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Optional location of business shop set up shop is geomantic
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Say advanced area
Want to go to carry greatly in business field? Offer here a few it is to want to do poineering work by oneself no matter set up shop, seek job, general get rich principle, these principles not only the company that applies to deal, it is general and live also include, because of any rooms curtilage, what the businessman says somewhat is geomantic.
Traditional be particular about " climate, favourable geographical position, support of the people " , to deal, labour for firewood a group of things with common features, as long as can in hand these 3 important document, so absolutely firm Ju Sheng calculates, earn firmly namely not compensate, when its culmination advocate accuse to be in day, support of the people wants him each one to create, only we can choose favourable geographical position, this favourable geographical position namely geomantic! Clearer say, as a result of geomantic the actual state that is the three unities, belong to explicit the element that cannot be decided by us or changes easily, because this is in of beforehand careful examine an alternative, it is very important, the pattern outside was opposite, talk again indoor much simpler.

How to look geomantic good?
From the point of landform, it is the light is close friends above all, of storefront of that is to say or office ahead must want bright, cannot have obstruct or fraise, include high-rise, large tree. . . Can hold off money way otherwise, enrol because of the mainest store by cloak, cannot seductive, the business won't come, more do not raise voice far sow, ahead is bright it is sustainable management focal point.
Want to treat the condition of the driveway next, best is 9 ground, show a turn to adopt form or be so called " double shut water " , what is " 9 " ? Rectifying a road to go that is to say is sinuate, answered an idiom " the car is like running water Ma Rulong " , this road has like current turn tear open but smooth, if be in deal of such a section of a highway, easier money interest is flourishing. Holding shape in the arms to resemble as to the turn is inward half arc, can get together money, pair of right angle that shutting water is two roads have sex place, the street says fire hose again, two fire hose fall the point of the meeting, common says " trigonometry window " , sure meeting stops car go by, have stream, easy hair. But those who a bit want to notice is the road that face cannot too wide, if too wide can cause " stream is too fast " , cannot let stream gather rise, meet instead prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Besides exquisite landform, in relief part, criterion low before hind Gao Weijia, the delegate rises step by step, must not be in front relief is high from the back low, that can keep on retreating.
Afore-mentioned principle, not be only right general deal set up shop person conduce, hope office worker notices, if the company of own service is in a place to accord with afore-mentioned advantage circumstances, so amid job succeeds more easily also of course, conversely, if of the company geomantic and bad, light is the have sth in mind on interiorly packaging equipment, change carry outward appearance hard also. Face economy not beautiful, unemployed population increases, apply for a job of purpose begin all over again, or it is the person that do poineering work by oneself, be worth reference.
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