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Geomantic by-talk: Does vinegar of of Zhan of billows purplish or white patches
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Office building, also call the office, it is company management and decision-making center. Its are geomantic environmental stand or fall, immediate impact leads outstanding achievement of the decision-making direction of personnel, work, matter to a company live development. So a lot of entrepreneur take seriously rightly exceedingly. Understand according to us, in the company business that invests in the mainland, what the Taiwan company of 80 % above pays attention to office building very much is geomantic; The Hong Kong enterprise of 60 % above, had had geomantic position to the office with different form. And, no matter be domestic abroad, jump over successful company business, taller to valueing level geomanticly.

Of course, different person, geomantic layout is very different, this is decided by birthday character 8. But also be everybody is general a little. Below tripartite face, it is office building geomantic the basic general knowledge that wants an attention:

Office building is geomantic one of:

Geographical environment is appropriate. Eye shot expanse, air is fresh all round optional choose, the light is bright, quiet the region of the sound that do not have dry chooses the ground as office building. Geomantic in exquisite " angry " " flourishing is enraged " , besides, pay attention to even " the person is angry " . Here " the person is enraged " the person that should consider surroundings not only is angry, the person that considers country or area even is angry. Be in the place with one individual exiguous smoke, also establish hard hard again a successful big company. So the position of office building, want above all population is close all round the choice indigestion, the situation with rapid flow is advisable.

Office building is geomantic:

Sit to proper. Of office building sit hill, want flourishing to carry already even " the life meets 3 close " . Before office building builds a program, usable compass determines azimuth of the Eight Diagrams. Pick an auspicious day Shan Ji to what use, fierce hill is fierce to what avoid and change. Before office building gate, issue stair or be opposite is elevator doorway. The entrance door is outer person, there cannot be look on evil spirit building.

Office building is geomantic:

In-house distribution is equitable. The desk of the crucial person such as president, general manager, should put stabler at the back quiet " sit hill " area, make its have " sit firmly country " feeling, unfavorable be by the side of the gate or putting is to the footpath that a lot of people ambulate draws near, such not only geomantic not beautiful, before the crowd of a large number of rock, also need the thinking to managers suffers an effect greatly. Other is more important the desk of leader, seat hind cannot have the door, window, cannot have footpath more, advocate the job is not arranged or hold a post to be not stabilized. The door of each small offices, escape is rushing, advocate bilateral and contradictory conflict is serious. Financial personnel, business personnel should choose to handle official bussiness in the position of flourishing money. Trend of ominous evil spirit gas, can furnish office equipment, be like computer, copycat, file ark and so on, presence of office inside and outside is larger fierce evil spirit when, adopt measure to undertake making evil spirit change evil spirit.
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