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Discuss the geomantic idea of office building
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We have two wrong understanding all the time, say geomantic the superstition that is backward unwisdom (alleged and feudal superstition) , 2 say geomantic survey this world curtilage shade curtilage with fair build have nothing to do. Actually, superstitious and geomantic in the developed country more be current, in large and modern building, behave opportunity more.

Be in Hong Kong, in endowment in silver-colored edifice is become by the design form of a knife, develop the bank collecting abundant of harbor endowment continuously, although collect abundant bank,atop is added later make two battery to rushing, but have first should hold the post of governor guest dead Beijing, have after flower queen " lose one's footing " at step of people congress hall, next Hong Kong is returned to smoothly. But the Singapore of knife shape structure in be like likewise is big China bank, fail to chop however search the China couplet bank on, because Hua Lianyin goes to make 64 body become 64 divinatory symbols from bottom directly, upgrade is given become 32 system, become stage of the Eight Diagrams to octahedron of coping make it all the time, will knife evil spirit avoids thoroughly. These two banks struggled ten years to also do not have cent to give on any account, incorporated eventually in June 2002 it is. Of course, the most open to question still belong to double tower of center of American world trade by scamper. Although the design concept of world trade center results from Japanese stylist, but this westernized Japanese did not consider the geomantic issue that each horn photograph develops double tower apparently, and same double tower architecture puts east, no matter be of Malaysia " maize cob " the country that still is China trade center, avoided photograph of needle evil spirit adequately to rush.

These detail, if beforehand somebody mentions, regular meeting is to have blind faith in by angrily rebuke, but after the event analyses unavoidable be scared making a person. But we must see, no matter beforehand after the event, we had been in early large fair build the infuse in using property with business geomantic concept. Of the people square according to that such as new China builds is to sit south the Northern Dynasties " before Zun Qinglong of the Xuan Wu after rosefinch is right Bai Hu " pattern, chinese old hotel is met and head office of Chinese people bank builds typical big a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China, it is to sit likewise the pattern south the Northern Dynasties.

Discuss the geomantic idea of office building so, ning Xinji has, do not believe its to not have. Use in office building investment at least in, many geomantic consideration did not raise cost.

Fresh gale water sees big environment

If we will be geomantic,put in a big level to look, accept easily, this is geomantic theory, say can area learns again, be equal the town planning today. The city inside the town planning demarcate of Beijing is fast do not exceed 30 meters, 2 annulus do not exceed 45 meters, 3 annulus do not exceed 60 meters, be a kind of geomantic theory, alleged a covered corridor or walk of old city protection, landscape, new city plans to wait is evadable, do not believe? If one day country or municipal government from inside the city is moved or choose new capital, this one program can change immediately.
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