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Discuss the geomantic idea of office building
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Actually Beijing city plans with respect to area having bear from the found a capital 800 years ago, gold it may not be a bad idea, yuan Mingqing mostly, although be people not of the same clan,Hu Ren is built, but building Great Master and craftsman are the Han people, and construction of capital of China of strict also according to, accord with fresh gale water of China completely. This among them two core content carries mountain range water on the back namely, sit south the Northern Dynasties. Beijing city withheld this core to plan today, so, all over the world in big city, have and only a capital is Founder pattern, this is Beijing.

Such, in the office building of all Beijing or commercial floor space, should accord with water of surface back hill only, sit south the Northern Dynasties, accord with fresh gale water naturally. Among them, north relies on Yan Shanshan arteries and veins, south of day water want excel apparently lean on the west too the Lou Yu of water of day of travel mountain range, the east, hill has water to want excel not to have the Lou Yu of hill anhydrous apparently.

But the issue came. Beijing has hill truly, but almost anhydrous, have water its flow direction also is a back completely to. Beijing altogether can find out 4 flood to fasten, among them the city zone is two to always decide close flume of river flume and Beijing, outskirts river of a lukewarm Yu, outer suburbs a wet Bai He. First no matter two sides of its water system has the development value that does not have commercial floor space, its flow direction is overall by northwest southeast, or by north south, this is decision of Beijing relief place. Such, sit the Lou Yu south the Northern Dynasties faces water system to must be watched " go from bad to worse " , search to be not worn can sit already south the Northern Dynasties, have again " against the current lays money " geomantic case. (note: Be in China geomantic in learning, canalage namely money way, downstream loses money namely go from bad to worse, advocate decline of suffer unexpected personal financial losses, and against the current lays money, advocate riches and honour develops. )

Emperor city construction considers this is nodded early, create water route in order to protect a city, and must canalage of make it around the city, into Zun Ni right suitable situation (namely east go against the anticlockwise water route that arranges on the west) , go against power unripe money accord with Zun Qinglong, take advantage of an opportunity of right white tiger is dilapidated, qing Long presses Bai Hu, dajidali.

So, somebody points out, if consider genuine economic center or money center, saying is Hong Kong, also should be Shanghai, annulus the reason that is less than Beijing does not have good canalage because of Beijing namely (do not have good money way namely) . Want to be searched so that have the building of money way in Beijing, still need in very little earth Cun Jinzhi ground does man-made lode, must form the force that goes against aquatic money more, this too not easy, besides is natural flowing water and artificial and lentic still become two tell.
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