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Discuss the geomantic idea of office building
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But Beijing also has money way to be able to be searched in fact, be in Beijing opportunely opportunely there is a special refluent river course in a lot of canalage, this is miscarriage river. River source of former abortionsolar month of 30 days a neighborhood outside of a city gate outside Yu Desheng door, flow to clear river via Ma Dian, city of earth of north of its Chinese and Western a paragraph with former yuan mostly moat is conterminous, after undertaking extend is administered 1985, river of will former abortionsolar month of 30 days reachs combination of channel of northwest earth city, close call miscarriage the river. The miscarriage river in be being arranged now has axiomatic light exit of sewer of rainwater of temple institute road, side direction north reachs road of Dechang of edge of opening of home of classics yellow kiosk, a surname on the west clear river, grow 10.25 kilometers, drainage area 27 square kilometer, it is Beijing exclusive from Dong Xiangxi river of again northerly suitable hour hand. Unexpected in the lay off on geography one goes against the low-lying region of situation, low-lying for the basin, show get together the situation of treasure also.

The likelihood is geomantic early be forgotten, do not have person research and the value that discover this river all the time so. Edge miscarriage river looks all the way today, especially side of Beijing prosperous road by south look one paragraph north, had built many commercial building house, such as is such-and-such center of money of edifice, science and technology, satisfy adequately sit already south the Northern Dynasties, the check of fresh gale water that exchequer all receives. If they are not intentional choose ground, they are quite then lucky.

Small structure of small wind conduit

Fresh gale water must have small pattern to cooperate, just now valuable. In Chinese geomantic theory, can explain be is large order must with shed carry to cooperate. In western philosophic theory, also can explain become objective law to still need subjective activity to come true.

Review the commercial floor space with miscarriage coastal river, have and only the source of revenue that a property makes full use of and produced this canalage, this has sealed center of very money of science and technology in the round at present namely.

Regard fortune of zoology architectural science and technology as the center, be located in road learning Qing Dynasty 108, the Beijing prosperous high speed that bounty faces east road greenbelt, north is faced wider formerer unripe 5 annulus greenbelt, layer upon layer photograph surrounds red line greenbelt, Dai Zheng greenbelt and municipal greenbelt, effective afforest rate is as high as 70% , it is Beijing any commerce project is at present unthinkable. But its are the most valuable is geomantic to whole architectural processing.

It is plot processing above all, because of east the miscarriage river that overlook slants slightly northwest, so this quadrangular plot forms an irregular echelon, so, advocate the entrance cuts a margin in without the choice, choose to be in however a horn namely southwest corner, this horn is retreated to cut one little margin again, make wrong path and irregular ground each other strong not only, and those who form an indicative the five elements is pentagonal.
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