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Discuss the geomantic idea of office building
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Next, from the building the entrance is reached sit all along looks is sit south the Northern Dynasties, side goes against miscarriage river to form against the current to receive the check of money east, side shows the sign that one small part opens on the west, from southeast northwest in light of situation, very the Zun Qinglong right Bai Hu that accords with Chinese tradition, before the Xuan Wu after rosefinch. Qing Longfang has flowing water, bai Hu square low have advocate exit, alleged Qing Long presses Bai Hu, rosefinch just changes for small Lou Ling, black Wu Fang controls a building heavy, the design of the Gou Zhen in having even here, centrally designed crystal of a circle is big, in order to connect all directions.

Actually, all innovation and geomantic design almost be in harmony hereat central old hall is medium.

The miscarriage river water of indicative money way is taken in after center of money of science and technology, head the garden after preexistence surrounds form sink type gardens lake, handle via circulating next, just enter Gemini possibly to hand in the central glass that collect is big, water system of flow of 360 degrees of suitable hour hand should be become outdoor preexistence center is large, edge a flight of stairs has administrative levels ground to flow drip; Surround the center is large outdoor one week later, again inpour old hall is indoor, become suitable hour hand again circumfluent, cent class flies flow to fall continuously, form indoor act of the water that fold type; This water act presents the result of water system anaglyph that wonderful confused shows, what gather together to provide prospective science and technology to feel extremely to old hall midpoint slowly is holographic in act of liquid crystal ball, the be in harmony that makes geomantic money way natural at halfback science and technology and zoology landscape in, the harmony that forms some kind of acme and and be in harmony. Finally, the water of these indicative intelligence of animals and exchequer from this billabong reachs center of money of science and technology north and south two indoor in old hall, again classics building body is poured out of after surrounding, note in entering miscarriage river. This is big geomantic implication and innovation are designed, make center of money of science and technology unique.

Moreover, center of money of science and technology designs whole center is large circular crystal is big not only, and still north and south the first class office building of two several square metre also designs unique water form building. And these water shape structures, still have quite substantial culture inside information. North and south builds shaping twice as Shui Bo statified swing, form a homocentric circle severally, central old hall uses between such two big circles slightly a few smaller roundlet form is conterminous, form a Trinitarian rotunda group, the center is large circle is like canalage exchequer, indicative " comforter " , two side form the water wave source that magnifies somewhat accordingly, north is lofty south low small, as the Father the Son of God, it is the Trinitarian design with Western-style standard. The Father and the Son of God result from comforter, but become independent because of forming respective central fund again.
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