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Discuss the geomantic idea of office building
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Additional, these two relatively independent centers, because be designed,water establishs a range outside form circular arc, solved the problem with strong photograph of corner establishing a range more adequately, no matter see from the any window inside two buildings, what see pointed horn is opposite impossibly is fierce evil spirit, the geomantic problem that because opposite and the photograph is strong,solved Gemini thoroughly.

Analysing office building of geomantic concept finally, must point out center of money of science and technology is not design of Chinese geomantic Great Master, however the work that couplet of orgnaization of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals brings international to build design company, its design a concept very westernize very contemporary also, namely " organic architecture is academic " add " business affairs machine " . "Organic architecture " requirement building does not destroy former unripe environment, should grow from inside the environment like organic matter come out (if Wright running water is villatic) , and alleged " business affairs machine " ask building shell is simple, in-house function is complex like the machine, anyhow, do one's best is exceeding retain natural. And big design originates Canadian DFS designs a company, its concept is " make science and technology reborn condition is more natural " , manage together with this. Give birth to the reservation of configuration formerly to plot, although be pure Western-style and hind contemporary gimmick, but the geomantic theory that why reflected Chinese tradition so adequately? does this ground have divine a ghost show its presence or power really?

Blame also, actually Chinese geomantic theory retains just about natural vigour, no matter all directions of the five elements, no matter to front, the argument is very much very strange, but follow nature is summed up and come, it is the theory that is core with withholding natural previous condition substantially. On this level, western building is interlinked in theoretically, at least the organic architecture of ecru geomantic theory and west is interlinked theoretically. For this, center of money of science and technology had made quite wonderful footnote.

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