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Office building most the X big factor that gets industry attention
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Company optional location, not be to look for merely can the office place that take shelter from rain garrisons block wind go in so simple. Company optional location, it is a major issue that affects company future development, and it is such more for the company that leaves whole office building to those buying, buy next fixed assets that meant office space to had become a company, optional location is meant at the same time began new investment. Actually, no matter be to rent] still buy outright, to the enterprise, optional location is one is provided most those who challenge a gender is decision-making.

Office spot is the fundamental condition of a company, this is just like like building a house to need to have land, of course, if be " portfolio company " then we should be not talked additionally. Office building is the working space of employee not only, also affecting pair of appearances of the company to resemble, because this enterprise is met when choose,the demand according to oneself and requirement are made to according with conditional office building all-around evaluate integratedly, the soft good target of the respect such as the form a complete set that includes a sector of an area, traffic, cost and office building itself, property.

We cannot accomplish the likelihood in the enterprise in all types reach every aspect of a matter, the enterprise of different type has the special demand of its industry probably, however aught can have a general character. For instance, office building of well-known company option is a flow of a such successive commonly: The central city that has radiant emitance to large region economy >> > the block that has force to whole town >> > the ave related to industry management industry >> > have in a city famous spent ground mark building >> > those who have ground label effect. What we do, hope to locate a company namely the general character in choosing office building course, namely office building most the X big factor that gets industry attention.

Gold area

Estate development has 3 gist element, the first it is a sector of an area, the 2nd it is a sector of an area, the 3rd still be a sector of an area. This law to office building, have counterexample hardly, its also are the first element of industry attention office building undoubtedly.

Company optional location should the area with first selection talent, technology, information and concentrated capital. Area of business affairs center, the first selection area that because collected the most advanced and all ready municipal facilities, business affairs establishment, recreation establishment, culture education establishment,reach living establishment and becomes enterprise favour from beginning to end. The section that big company focuses has an area likewise advantage, can attract the innovation element such as more talents, capital, information to flow to this area, in value catenary division of labor, hold " high end " position, get taller profit get one's own back, not only can compensate its higher cost cost, and the industrial standard that can promote this area, enlarge gross of our region economy, increase capacity of region economy competition.
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