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Office building most the X big factor that gets industry attention
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A word hints: Choice gold area although mean tall property cost, but as a result of gold area collected the most advanced and all ready municipal facilities, business affairs establishment, recreation establishment, culture to teach establishment to reach living establishment, be opposite so a lot of enterprises, will say or be reduced from cost of integrated business affairs.

Traffic is smooth

Gold area important of course, but do not mean an area it is exclusive. Have area of gold of a lot of time derive each other with traffic jam, as a result of the area gold, drew more more more enterprises, stream of people, cars so, still have subsequently and come more blocking <> up the car mixes more blocking <> up heart.

Be in what be equal time and cost today, traffic is smooth one of factors that had become an enterprise to care most. Traffic can change concept of the economic behavior of urban population, living choice, space even. Traffic is producing main effect in side of distribution of perfect city space, the subway, light course is extended to the suburb and outspread, narrowed inside spatio-temporal limits urban bulk, be in at the same time have enlarge economically urban function. If an again modern office building is circumjacent without smooth traffic condition, so it lost the weapon with market the strongest competition.

A word hints: Hope to traffic choice office building stands by traffic main force to commonly, but those who face mainstay line not to mean a car to go however is convenient, often ban in tune, traffic there is a lot of restriction on travel.

Establishment of form a complete set

Government and enterprise already realized, the building synthesis with perfect establishment of form a complete set the meaning to an area, it is to representing form not just, also be the person gathers angrily at the same time, the flow of business affairs element, at the same time it is the configuration of a kind of building with contented office essential requirement more. Building synthesis has made division of business affairs center most the inspissation of elite edition. All sorts of active economy elements are more chase after a body and come.

The building synthesis with perfect establishment of form a complete set is had commonly super- large-scale, what say here exceed large-scale, it is to show building bulk itself is bigger not only, and the extend power that emphasizes its dimensions more and develop malleability. On one hand, the dimensions that is itself of office building building not only wants big, and must want to have powerful integrated form a complete set, manage office building of a collect, apartment, business to live, astral class hotel, meeting exhibits center, recreational recreation and shopping centers the large space at an organic whole. On the other hand, inspect its traffic condition even and talk, the traffic of extend in all directions is dimensions of its office building certainly is important prop up. If an office building measures the establishment of form a complete set that changes with dimensions without quite large building put oneself in another's position, it is to say to go up hard astral class.
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