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Office building most the X big factor that gets industry attention
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A word hints: Most the form a complete set that the enterprise values may be employee dining-room and bank.

Hardware establishment

Like costly perfection is being pursued on hardware form a complete set with respect to hotel of class resembling a star, in the hardware that office building respect goes after, more it is science and technology and innovation. Office building market is current and popular two big criterion for evaluation, it is first class office building, it is 5A office building. Office building of alleged first class, fact make a way to pass through one kind, did not secure a level, because everybody is willing,be called second class office building. Such, wish any has vitreous act wall, electrified ladder, " long " get a few taller office building to profess to be first class office building. Under photograph comparing, 5A office building has certain level however, be similar to the method of assess of hotel star class. So, what is 5A intelligence is changed? It is to show OA(office intelligence is changed commonly) , automation of BA(Lou Yu) , CA(communication transmission intelligence is changed) , intelligence of FA(fire control is changed) , SA(security intelligence changes) . Besides, layer of the building technology that still incorporates its place to use, standard tall, standard bearings, weak cable system.

To office building character, hardware establishment seems the engine of a car, what oil of 100 kilometers bad news measures expenditure of the place after be equivalent to an enterprise be being entered is daily enter cost, good engine is offerring driving dynamic at the same time can more the province is oily, the establishment of form a complete set of office building hardware of advanced intelligence is in bring an enterprise easy office environment while, the cost that still can bring utmost to the enterprise is managing.

A word hints: The different business demand to hardware establishment actually very much the same, at present a lot of office building also boast he are 5A class office building, the enterprise basically needs to consider hardware to establishment is used in later period and maintain maintenance cost when inspecting character of floor space hardware.

Soft serves

Of office building run want to gain a success, make a base besides good hardware, the software that still has needed is done prop up. The service that undertakes to the client human nature is changed and property manage, conduce to character of promotion office building, enhance market competition ability.

The 5 stars class of opposite hotel serves a standard, office building service had apparent change, reflect on one hand go up in efficient property management, reflect what staying in an enterprise to entering to specialization on the other hand on business affairs service. For instance, will wash clothes send eat these hotel form the service adapts to extend the service such as the center for plan of satellitic conference, activity, meeting. Be like again, a few new-style office building can realize holiday of round-the-clock air conditioning to not have not only cease, and still sending eat, night snack to do sth for sb even the respect such as employee monthly ticket makes great efforts.
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