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Office building most the X big factor that gets industry attention
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No matter be an enterprise,buy office building, management of choice good property is crucial, because property runs a company,decide office building directly with water, with Qing Dynasty of report, security, rubbish carry, air conditioning is supplied, car the problem of the square field surface such as management. If buy office building, rectify especially buy, fixed assets is safeguarded with respect to him need, the enterprise chooses the likelihood office property, a kind of form is to buy; A kind of form is to rent. Buy office property, the fixed assets that is an enterprise invests, need careful calculation and strict budgeting, the property that rent is opposite for relatively simple, the cost when comparing the market to rent administration fee of the price, property, air conditioning to add is OK. When the enterprise is selecting office site, property also is the one gist element that they pay close attention to.

A word hints: Good property management company means office not only comfortable, also mean the security of office environment at the same time.

Building culture

So-called construction culture, have bit of entirely imaginary, modern to after all building, cannot gift its too much history is accumulated and culture insides information, but building culture the all the time is absent existing, it always is affecting the employee of the company that joins and job, can affect the region economy of little scope periphery even, center of the most typical trade of nation of nothing is more... than. Because had a state trade center, the business that had periphery next gathers, just had today's CBD. Trade center had had the country to build culture, what what it represents is CBD culture of China, be a country trade had intention of this kind of culture, be opposite so for the enterprise, country trade center has appeal more than the office building on common sense. Attract their office building that is not a modernization merely again, the reason of trade of company option nation is occasionally only because it is " country trade center " , this is a charm that has the office building that builds culture.

Actually clever development business had noticed building culture the importance to an office building, or makes them did not realize, but developing business for some a sector of an area " ground mark " when saying to launch fight, actually this builds culture in what shape office building namely. One pays attention to the building of hardware establishment only without building culture, just like a dress bright and the person that does not have connotation, people is not willing to make friend with such person, same company also is not willing to settle down in such building.

A word hints: Though building culture is one looks,seem windy idea, but this kind of culture always is in each detail delivers architectural: Landscape, establishment, management... and these detail are the level that refracted wright and controller group fitly.

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