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Office building most the X big factor that gets industry attention
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After SARS epidemic situation, the office environment that how builds a health becomes people to be hanged in the topic for discussion of mouth edge. Build a system defend the advanced sex of condition of the gender, environmental protection sex of housing materials, rationality that builds position, technology and space are kept apart relatively, it is the problem that should take the lead in solving in development of current office building. In addition, if the factory is bristly all round office building, be surrounded by waste gas, although it is in gold a sector of an area, unmanned also make inquires. There had better be big afforest and landscape all round office building, make landscape relaxed pleasant to see, be helpful for exhaustion of clear up job.

Former company option office building is fond of the luxurious scriptorium of wall of act of skyscraping edifice, glass, open old hall and 5 A class mostly, and now, as social development, people chooses the level of office space, the resource advantage besides consideration district and appreciate outside foreground, still pay close attention to the zoology environment of office spot can morely.

Human nature is changed, green environmental protection, tall intelligence is changed already became " creed of new healthy office " 3 gist element. Because new-style enterprise is given priority to with intelligence office, staff grows with cerebral time, office hours is opposite relatively agile, need the environment of more recreational spaces and person and person communication, accordingly, office space broke through a tradition " office + public passage " dimensional mode, advocate environment of open mode office, make dimensional combination liberalizes, office space tends faintness is changed; Next, more communal and recreational spaces and Lou Yu are set inside office division inside stereo afforest, and pay attention to only not just external environmental landscape, in the office space of interiorly introduce green landscape extensively also, ably will natural air introduces inside office building, form the office space of healthy environmental protection.

A word hints: The external environment of office building whether zoology, in-house distribution is equitable, whether did whole accord with healthy creed to had become the issue of one large central issue that the enterprise pays close attention to really now, whether to realize the green in office and zoology, involve a company actually the operation cost in office and healthy and safe problem.

The price

The price is development business the terminus of all effort, and the price also is the focus that office building of option of optional location company pays attention to. Although buyers and sellers talks again well before this, in the price this is shut talk not approach also is to waste, the price is the focus with contradictory buyers and sellers, to final price it is contradiction of buyers and sellers and unified union dot.

Forecast data to show according to Central Plains real estate, capital office building added supply newly to measure total floor area to be controlled in 2.2 million square metre 2005, and add demand newly to will be controlled in 1.67 million square metre. According to Gao Li newest research report of international shows, short the one big characteristic that hiring a phenomenon is market of our country office building. Average fixed number of year is lease of our country office building 2.5 years, far the fixed number of year of office building lease of the country that matures under estate market and area: In developed country of a few Euramerican economy, wait like the United States, England, Australia, fixed number of year of office building lease is in commonly 5 years of above.
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