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The optional location of the office, shop wants a place
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  The number of the address
In geomantic home eye, the office or shop address number are be a meaning very. 2, 5, 8, 9, 10 it is auspicious number: 2 it is easy to mean, 5 mean as harmonious as 5 elements photograph, 6 delegates fortune, 8 mean become rich, the 9 meaning that are long life, 10 point to affirmatory. Accordingly, date of elephantine 2 8 9 such address, its meaning is: "Easy and long-term become rich " , or " the business will flourish for a long time " . Contrary, 7 4 4 is meant " want for certain ruined " , or " the business does not succeed for certain " . Number 4 blazing is in Guangdong, because it sounds,be just like " dead " this word. Number 1 very not common also, although it is not certain ominous.

The Chinese always likes the number in even number, because this expresses geminate and didymous, avoided alone feeling. Although number 3 sound in resembling Cantonese " living " this word, but it is not special and auspicious. However, some people like exert oneself to do sth unluckily however, if was used in 7 3 7 3 3, 7 3 7 3 is meant " live for certain " .

The meaning of name of shop, fascia

The name of the placement of shop fascia and shop is very important. The lucky hour that fascia must coordinate in the photograph of the time of a person's birth with merchant is hanged. Successful (mean plain sailing success) , wide interest (huge success) , extensive increase (huge profit) , lucky (grand carries) . On the other hand, if inn name is meant,do not have luck, the business won't flourishing. With " without benefit " named shop is destined to want to shut. A little geomantic home uses 5 elements commandment, will have proper name for the shop. Next watches give out a few common words reach his the relation of 5 elements, can offer reference of the person that know.

Earth of gold of extreme misery wood
Rich degree of precious trader battalion
Feng4huang2 hall passes unripe house
Red happy wide department is installed
Mansion of blessing gold palace is not had
Works of mural shop opening looks

When 5 kinds of elements (reach the word related to them) match in following combination, when forming shop name, the combination of 5 kinds of elements has good meaning to also have bad meaning namely.
These assorted names are auspicious:
Water wood (of water alimentary make wood grows)
Wood fire (wooden addition makes fire more flourishing)
Fire earth (fire makes earth pure)
Earthy + gold (gold is protected by earth)
Gold water (gold makes water riches and honour)

The name of such combination is adverse:
Water fire (water makes water goes out)
Fire gold (fire overcomes gold)
Gold wood (wood can be enclothed by earth)
Earth water (water disappears in earth)

A little geomantic home likes to use the Chinese character that keeps by certain stroke to name to the shop. Stroke is shade for the word of odd number, stroke is this world for the word of even numbers. For example, the Chinese character is shade, 2 for this world. With odd number / even numbers (shade / in relief) sequential the shop that the Chinese character names is considered as auspicious, be like,this kind is arranged in relief / shade, shade / shade / in relief, shade / in relief / in relief order. Not lucky arrange order to include: Shade / in relief / Yin Heyang / shade / in relief
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