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The optional location of the office, shop wants a place
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The design of the office

A little geomantic home thinks, the office that is located in central corridor top is ominous, because the evil spirit gas in the hall is met,produce undesirable effect to indoor person. Should move the door that is set in long corridor top from corridor, in order to avoid evil spirit gas. The entrance of some offices uses a screen to obstruct, can make evil spirit gas changes direction so, not immediate flow direction is indoor. This one craft often also applies in the messuage of Beijing.

Safe of the desk of the manager and fiscal is the mainest furniture in the office, answer to find a place for according to the time of a person's birth of trustee. The table should have auspicious measure. In a few companies, table leg is to secure what go up in the floor, such, lot won't running. Face the table window, what can bring what bad luck is geomantic, be most the design of hold back foot, because outside the dazzle that shoots will be unpleasant eyeball. Tightening the place that relies on a window, the radiate that comes from the sun is met even bigger. Put the desk and chair of the manager in large window front, also be bad practice, because be in fine by day, dazzle can make the shopper visits clear manager hard, and the face of the manager also is in shadow.

If must use a curtain, on curtain due the design of bamboo, chrysanthemum, have even bring lucky Chinese character. A few geomantic home proposals, in the meaning the dot puts major office ground to fall the flowerpot that has Zhu Huoju, horse (indicative efficiency and vigor) with chelonian (indicative long life) sculpture, aquarium and flute, in order to remove dead gas. What must notice is, want to ensure airy distributings equably, lest invite the staff member of the office,blow by air cooling piece. (air cooling can make life ill, can disturb angry balance. )

When design or arrangement office are indoor, the partition that should make manager back solid and sit, such, the hill that protects the residence together or the mountain range that protect a city are same, partition offerred support thing for the manager. The other partition of the office also should find a place for proper, lest destroy angry flow. For example, do not find a place for solid partition, such meetings prevent hindering people to view and admire the sea.

Press the view of certain and geomantic home, rumble makes sound, it is good to paint black elevator is not had geomantic. The fountain outside commercial firm must be installed according to angry azimuth, and, the height of fountain also should be accorded with can bring auspicious measure.

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