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Office seat is geomantic principle
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(1) the air current that the seat cannot be whole office as a result of the gate to the gate continuously and energy passageway, seat to the gate, can be developed by gas field of the introduction, affect the system of spirit of subconscious, mind of a person easily, cause disposition hot or the circumstance that for no reason falls ill. A screen or plant can establish in the doorway, as dissolved path.

(2) appropriate has at the back of the seat lean (wall or ark) , the afterbrain that cannot carry the door on the back or walks along a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest radiates for brainwave area, also be one of place with the most sensitive field of gas of human body induction; Accordingly, of the seat rear and best it is fixed, immobile thing; If backside somebody ambulates, let person mind easily be not centered, virtually turns one part attention to afterbrain, come down for a long time to be able to waste energy, affect work efficiency and health.

(3) seat ahead cannot clingy wall (buffer is insufficient)

The person's eye grows advanced area, want to take more message namely; If seat too metope of press close to, lose sight of the person all around and thing instead, can cause subconscious uneasiness, what also can affect divine spirit system is stable.

(4) seat ahead had better not somebody is like seat ahead also somebody face-to-face, also be a kind of psychology evil spirit, without oneself privacy space, either what can cause each other is uncomfortable, it is can dispersive attention, like to have with the other side say to have laugh, and the influence works. Had better be put between two people a few potted or the file is separated.

(5) seat cannot to bathroom door toilet it is the ground that dirty gas collects, and the place that bathroom door is dirty gas eduction, it is long-term near bathroom door, or the person to bathroom door, because the meeting absorbed overmuch dirty gas and fall ill. Be like indispensable, a screen or thing of large broad Xie Zhi can be held between toilet and seat, more or less can block a bit dirty gas, and bathroom door is indispensible also shut at any time.

(6) the seat cannot be mixed in the rear photocopier of photocopier or computer of computer outside excessive magnetic field is stronger, if the seat leans too close or in computer rear, long the magnetic field that affects itself easily, create the obstacle of respect of body and mind, indirect ground also can affect carry situation. Had better be to maintain a distance, it is OK also that otherwise the inter puts a broad leaf plant, but the plant should change regularly, also can turn the 2nd pollution into the source otherwise.

(7) cannot have by the seat wash one's hands the place that stage or faucet have water to come out, can affect gas field, because water itself can get together,enrage, also can disturb magnetic field. Sit for a long time in the person on the side of faucet, can have divine spirit system maladjusted or the phenomenon that movement power turns over Fu, had better be escape.
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