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Office seat is geomantic principle
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(8) there cannot be large garbage can by the seat or sundry with the toilet, ash-bin or sundry caboodle, also be the origin of dirty gas, an auspicious that avoid.

(9) if the light is not worth or cannot go up without window seat light on the seat is too weak, can cause solar energy inadequacy, terrestrial magnetism can overmuch " shade gas is heavy " phenomenon, long can make a person inactive and inactive, also compare easy pessimism.

(10) seat cannot to kitchen of kitchen or gas stove, freezer, it is the origin of internal heat, if rely on internal heat too close, also can affect the divine spirit system of human body and physiology field, come down for a long time, more meeting block up of a person ponder over ability, had better be escape.

(11) seat cannot to water machine and faucet are same, water machine the exit that also is hydrosphere, especially everyday someone goes boiled water, shut water, affect the stability of around magnetic field more easily; Possible word, maintain a paragraph of distance best.

(12) the seat cannot is in charge of to the room door of director or boss and boss, will tell be control office worker commonly, press the ancients talking a way is " gram " of office worker; Unless there are director and boss in your eye, otherwise, had better not facing their room, because you can get the influence of their every act, and cannot concentrate mind, long have conflict easily also with them. Accordingly, allegedly the boss wants that individual to walk, move his seat to the doorway, long, they left automatically.

(13) seat although the top of head that upper part cannot have crossbeam or droplight person did not grow an eye, but particularly sensitive also to the thing of the top of head, always be afraid of above can the thing falls down; Accordingly, if you know your seat upper part has bridge or droplight, your subconscious virtually can arm rise, prepare to protect oneself at any time, long your meeting waste time drops a lot of energy, did not make how many issue so tired that die partly. Possible word, move seat!

(14) seat cannot by large electric equipment or electric equipment (computer, photocopier, electrograph and air conditioning machine) surround

(15) seat ahead cannot regard as advocate course (the company is entire a road of pass in and out)

Seat ahead so advocate course, somebody of so daylong total meeting is before your front of in and out, the gas field that this kind of contact flows, also can disturb your magnetic field, let your spirit be not centered, long also can feel impatient enrages impetuous, work to often give error, possible word, had better be to trade place, unless you are bar young lady.

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