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The critical factor of optional location of company office building
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The office building it may be said nowadays is blossom everywhere, gimmick of its conduct propaganda, hype emerges in endlessly, too many things to see making a person, not know what to do. Face the character on the market, area, position, each not same office building, regard office building as direct user, how should select a high grade office building that fits him business?
One, the 3 element that office building optional location ought to follow: Area, position, property. The data shows, when foreign enterprise is choosing office property, often can consider 3 essential factor. The first element is the development state of affairs that whole goal business encircles; The 2nd element is specific place, the land that does public property line of business namely chooses an option; The 3rd element is specific property and property management. On trade group, optional location of office of a lot of firms can pay close attention to group of industrial catenary, industry and industrial region very much above all, this is the enterprise is choosing a large area. In the element of cause of formation of a lot of compose of industrial environment, besides the consideration the area gets education labour force amount, outside already having educational resource, consider the supportive strength of local government even. The side chooses in the place, answer to fall one-time cost to lowest, include to produce cost, remove cost and construction cost; Fall durative operation cost to lowest, include labor cost, traffic, public facilities and taxation to wait; Fall the risk to lowest, considering all sorts of risk elements, if governmental control, electric power is supplied,wait; the opportunity the biggest change, do not want for optional location optional location, and should mix company optional location the one part that removes to develop the strategy as the company.
2, office building optional location should see operation cost. This is the problem that place of optional location of current business office building cares most. If say the enterprise is choosing office spot to see installation of the position, hardware above all before, because economy is relatively backward in those days,be, urban progress level is inferior, situation becomes the crucial factor that decides company success or failure. Mix to a few foreign capital businesses that just enter China especially burgeoning domestic company, the company is well-known degree not tall, the enterprise reveals the company actual strength, purpose that publicizes company image to care very much to what choosing office building to be able to be achieved. In the meantime, the enterprise still cares the establishment of form a complete set such as the air conditioning of office building, electric power, traffic, to operation cost criterion takes seriously not quite. Present situation is opposite, when the enterprise chooses office building, the first consideration is operation cost or office cost, left cost the stand or fall with respect to property of office building of out of the question, this also is the enterprise is in charge of to partner, to financial forms for reporting statistics, responsible to cash shedding expression. Notable is, regard the office with bit more crucial optional location of company office building as cost, include a lot of fields, hire is a among them only, still include capital of cost of depreciation expenses, operation, manpower to wait. To Beijing office building of a few big heat distributings area, of CBD area enter cost on average highest, financial market area is a bit smaller than CBD, zhongGuanCun area take second place. Besides, optional location of company office building pays attention to traffic situation, healthy safety, form a complete set to serve even, employee relation also is a referenced element. A kind of new trend is, participate in office building optional location besides the estate department of the enterprise, business section, law section outside, manpower resource branch also is participated in among them, in optional location when the respect such as the traffic that begins to consider office building periphery, housing whether bring to employee convenient, whether be helpful for the problem of the respect such as tarry talent. The enterprise is in make office building is rented or buy decision-making when, wanting a company optional location to regard as is the one part of activity of battalion of already of look forward to, do not answer to consider the soft hardware condition of property itself only, consider financial concern, employee impact even.
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