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The critical factor of optional location of company office building
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3, business of second line of group of trade of a gleam of encircles office building eagerly reflect, press needing to choose is good sense. Be in Beijing, company office optional location experienced level of a few development in the main: Dispersive model phase of characteristic of the stage of pure office building that business of advanced hotel phase, a gleam of encircles and group of second line trade. Group of trade of alleged a gleam of is to show 3 big business encircle market of CBD, banking, ZhongGuanCun, group of second line trade basically is to point to inferior group of abstruse trade group, BDA trade group, trade visitting capital, go up ground trade group, east the burgeoning trade group such as group of 2 ring trade. At the beginning of 90 time, optional location of a lot of foreign enterprises basically is in advanced hotel (wait like Beijing restaurant) , at promotion with benefit the product is mixed attract a client; In 3 big business the circle fashions a process gradually in, the enterprise discovers the hotel is not professional office environment, move pure office building then, center of the trade that be like a country, fine in a few office building of center and financial market. As economic development, the Yi Zhuang that has an industry to collect an advantage, on the ground, hope the group of second line trade such as Beijing begins arisen, bigger and bigger also to the appeal of the enterprise. He Aili believes sth resembling a net of the electrified wire netting that be like north, LG, Motolora to announce to go to headquarters from CBD change in succession visit capital; TOM eastwardly square moves BDA, this explains from a flank, enterprise from take production seriously to turn to take intelligence seriously, take software seriously, taller and taller to the requirement of green zoology environment, reducing operation cost step by step at the same time.
4, the enterprise of different type has different office building optional location to ask. Likely to one part enterprise appropriate is encircled at choosing second line business, be like: Company of network company, software research and development; But the service such as place of delegate of firm of office of bank, insurance device, attorney, accountant office, ad, advisory company, business affairs kind the enterprise suits market of CBD, banking, ZhongGuanCun more group of 3 big trade, because these enterprises want to contact a client in great quantities, need assemble effect, it is impartible cut industrial cable length. It is with Beijing banking market exemple, statistic shows, garrison the enterprise of financial market to basically be centered in financial industry, occupy about be stationed in financial market 1/2 of entire company, and grow further as supply of this area office building, will have more finance enterprise and to it relevant enterprise is entered be stationed in financial market. According to the investigation of website of Beijing office building, in the client of financial market, whole, whole layer buys those who regard an enterprise as headquarters or area headquarters to hold quite scale. This is the result that produces by enterprise characteristic and place of industrial catenary assemble.
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