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The optional location eye of astral Buck
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A few about small endowment a such appearances mention in the article of lifestyle: The advanced white-collars in advanced office building abide by a such calendar commonly, be in the office in the morning, be in afternoon Buck bubble wears the star. Have a such very classical words: I am not in the office, be in astral Buck, I am absent astral Buck, going on the road of astral Buck. One cup is called the coffee of astral Buck, it is small endowment one of marks.

Mere 5 years astral Buck grows to star dazzlingly for from a nobody, evolve quickly to flaunt the symbol of popular fashion for a kind. The corner of the subway along the line in city, downtown, office building old hall, big market or restaurant, be in the place with billowy stream, the mysterious woman on brand of green of that Chinese ink always spreads out smiling face to you silently.

Fixed position lives " the 3rd space "
The strategy of solid optional location of astral Ba Keji is very simple the fixed position of astral Buck is " space of the 3rd life " , what meaning is this? It is the home and office, there still should be a place to be able to offer everybody to rest among, communicative, include to negotiate the environment of a few business affairs, astral Ba Kejin enters the market cutting a point is this. What is space of the 3rd life is told to us? 1999 Buck does not have the star before set up shop, if where everybody wants to talk about a few things to you can go? It is Mcdonald's, Kendeji, or it is to go to house of a few Chinese meal, if go doing not have a problem in the time of have dinner, but where does time of dispute have dinner go? These are to have very bemused thing really, and Buck cuts the star to be aimed at the room that can provide to talk to the guest namely into the dot at that time, this also decided a few concepts of astral Ba Kexuan, include a few methods.

Come nearly 5 years, astral Buck is almost average and annual open 10 store, the coffee that sells everyday exceeds 10 thousand cups. The pace of such fast, what is recipe?

"What Buck gives the star me is convenient the taste that is more than me is enjoyed. " one is sampling the square young lady of coffee such say, "It always appears in the most flourishing street the most conspicuous position, should shop then ramble when exhaustion, be in when double eye before computer screen when the feeling is acerb, when the friend will do not have a place to talk, I think of astral Buck naturally. I think of astral Buck naturally..

astral Buck wants this- - any moment can provide a service to have deep love for the crowd of astral Buck. And the optional location graph that those who prop up this great ambition is one Zhang Ming clear.

What Ba Kexuan location considers the heavenly body above all is such as bazaar, office building high-grade uptown the place that energy of life of person of this kind of assemble collects stream of people. In addition, helpful to the market position of astral Buck, perhaps have the place of tremendous progress latent capacity, astral Buck also can bring into it oneself domain, although be in the management state of initial stage of set up shop very not ideal.
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