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The optional location eye of astral Buck
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Astral Buck adopts what the eye of development and whole plan to think all the time to the optional location of set up shop. Because now not result do not wait not to succeed in the future. Star the cafes with Ba Kequan the biggest ball is the star that is located in Beijing inn of square of Ba Kefeng couplet, at the outset when this store start business, passenger source cannot satisfy the need that such bedding face accumulates this inn far. Management early days is bearing all the time huge manages pressure, but as periphery of a few high-grade office building enter rate is constant rise, the government that reach an area is right of face Wai Street transform strength to be increased ceaselessly, abundant couplet inn can make the window of this area certainly. Biting mandibular joint finally to insist to come down then. The sale of this inn ranks Beijing field front row all the time now.

Astral Buck is stridden step by step so in extended way of China. Of foot the development strategy that gives priority to with hiring is followed when profit from set up shop quickly. Astral Buck is very simple to the main demand of storefront, from ten smooth rice arrives 400 smooth rice can be opened, give priority to in order to hire, least capital can be used to open most storefront inside the shortest time.

Pick company of place of inn mode rely heavily on sb's service
The more of the mode that choose store of astral Buck leans on company of Buck of overweight place star.

Cent of the flow that choose store is two phase.

Above all, astral Buck company of place chooses shop; according to the characteristic of various places these choices basically are to come from 3 respects, him company search for, intermediary introduction, additionally still company of each big house property is in the building that build business while, also can take an examination of introduce astral Ba Kelai actively to build an environment. Be in Shanghai, these 3 kinds of scale that choose way are probably 1: 1: 2.

The 2nd phase is the examine and verify of headquarters. Will tell commonly, the Chinese company of astral Buck storefront the data sends to Asia-Pacific division headquarters to be evaluated by their assistance. Company of Ba Kequan ball can offer the bit the data of a few standardization and form, will serve as the main level that measures storefront. And be analysed in the database that builds from the data choosing store of each district and these standardization data often come.

In fact, the importance of phase of examine and verify not very outstanding, main power to make decisions still masters in local company hand. If await Asia-Pacific area to evaluate an end blindly, miss business chance because of time probably. According to Shanghai unified star Buck's controller introduces, often be in in staying approved course, local storefront has begun to start work decorate.

"Although the power to make decisions of 95 % is in local company, but also have restrict an orgnaization to come assess our job. " a sectional chief discloses. In astral Buck, on one hand council is met according to market redound circumstance, assess the ability of a manager. On the other hand, accounting department is met monitoring the management circumstance of each storefront.
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