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The optional location eye of astral Buck
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Astral Buck has independent patulous ministry to be in charge of choosing bit of matters concerned, a series of jobs such as the option that includes storefront, investigation, design and instrument equipment. Buck is Shanghai unified star exemple, the number of this one branch includes sectional manager to be in 10 people above.

The maturity that business encircles and stability are the fundamental condition of optional location, and the eye of optional location and it is more important to calculate capacity. For instance, inn of new scope of operation He Binjiang inn, it is the trade group that cold and cheerless is not maturity at the beginning, however He Binjiang storefront is opposite the recreational kind with new unique scope of operation yellow Pu Jiang, enjoy the geographical advantage of scene of riverside west wind, make Dou Fengsheng water removes these two storefront later, make Shanghai company's main profit point.

Of Nanjing inn opening is a star a typical example of Ba Kexuan location. 2003 the beginning of the year, buck understands the Shanghai star of responsible Jiang Zhehu to will want to unlock the management dealership of long triangle area September, grab then in the beginning of the year, the storefront of flagship store chooses in Nanjing.

In Shanghai star Buck looks, of flagship store open mean in a city appear. People to unfamiliar thing the first impression often crucial. Consequently, the choice of Shanghai star Buck to the first inn particularly discreet.

At that time, shanghai star Buck faces two choices, one is the group of trade of new market opening that is in Nanjing city, here population is concentrated, have 4 ~ 5 large field, the Oriental business mansion that business of new market opening encircles is the large market of a management high-grade goods, the consumptive crowd of the administrative levels of the consumer here and astral Buck is similar, and; of consumptive level stability is area of Nanjing city arctic cabinet another, here scenery is beautiful, the environment is quiet and not noisy. More those who want is, here is the work area that visits municipal government office, in the star Buck looks, governmental official consumption also is cannot a of small gaze. Additional, the subway that Nanjing is building with respect to therefrom transient.

Astral Buck made investigation to the crowd of going from place to place of two areas, will determine potential client amount from scale of their dress, age, men and women. "Astral Buck more is the cafes with a Nancy deflection, bringing dream and some of feeling, " a controller of company introduces, "And the male friend that woman guest often can bring her is companionate perhaps, and male guest often is to act independently. And male guest often is to act independently..

Mansion of final and Oriental business and astral Buck chime in easily, the hire kind that becomes in order to smoke, built the Buck of the first star that is in Nanjing. Immediately, astral Buck leaves in the arctic cabinet area of Nanjing gave store of the 2nd chain. The controller of the Buck that occupy a star explains, open the first store in new market opening, those who take a fancy to is its stable and mature commerce atmosphere, what can keep turnover is stable. And open the 2nd store in arctic cabinet, basically be after looking the growth of a few.
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