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The optional location eye of astral Buck
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Hold to straight battalion run mode
30 come for years, astral Buck alleges external its are whole policy: Hold to inn of company straight battalion, do not join in all over the world inn. Straight battalion mode maintained the quality that interlinks inn on one hand, also raised a requirement to the outspread capital of astral Buck on the other hand.

Last year, shanghai unites astral Ba Kezhong, the stock of astral Buck rises to 50, at the same time Taiwan unites a group to hold 50 % . Plant to this 1: Of 1 maintain a pattern, company management layer thinks, "The gain with this kind of the biggest mode depends on, showed the state of mind that tries hard together thoroughly, annex of those of and rather than. " look in him the support that Taiwan united analysis of astral Ba Kejiang's dynamic sale promoption literature and content to shed a system.

"We still are in at present lift debt to manage. " Buck's controller admits the star, the straight battalion mode of the company is having enormous pressure to doing business. "But, current sacrifice is to be sent later. " the following development that the star emphasizes here namely the diversity that the brand manages. In easy Ci in the annals 2003, the merchandise profit specified number that gains profit through managing astral Buck brand occupied the 17 % of total profit specified number, and this number still is increasing these gain commodity to include to be in the shop sale star Ba Keyin is happy, sell astral Buck canister installs coffee to wait a moment.

In beautiful star Buck cuts Shuerci into parts to look, the success of astral Buck basically is to used professional coffee to change American " swig " the habit of coffee, created the vacuum of the 3rd life except family and unit for people. And be in Shanghai, this kind of circumstance also begins to appear, the people with a lot of fashionable pursuit likes to meet, chat, negotiate even business.

Astral Ba Kezheng is changing the consumptive behaviour of people. You need not are have a meal, is to go there only sample coffee and chat. Plant to build this professional, recreational space of romantic the 3rd life, astral Buck stresses 5 kinds of feelings to every storefront, the coffee of follow one's inclinations, olfactory of the music in the warmth in particularly exquisite vision, hearing is sweet wait.

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