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The first tall tower of world Guangzhou new television tower advocate tower body

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On August 27, the lamplight of Guangzhou television tower that just seals a top twinkles. Lu Hanxin of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Lu Hanxin of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographedThe first tall tower of world" -- ,Guangzhou new television towerProject, through builder of 26 months fight bravely continuously, finish 454 meters yesterday advocate tower body seals a top.

The axes in be being built at Guangzhou town new city and axis of Pearl River landscape hand in the Guangzhou new television tower that collects place, north to face Pearl River, it is the ground mark project of Guangzhou city, of structure of its core canister advocate tower body height 454 meters, aerial mast height 156 meters, total height achieves 610 meters, height of the whole after building will be the world the first. Television tower can resist typhoon of 8 class earthquake, 12 class, the design uses fixed number of year more than 100 years.

After Guangzhou new television tower builds, 454 meters of place will set cat head platform " jump building machine " , the height that many meters about 500 can raise after the citizen sits (specific height is uncertain) experience stimulation, can look down at at the same time Guangzhou is panoramic.

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