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The office is geomantic: Field of 12 constellation duty is geomantic big luck tu
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Act all along the Aries of on the up-and-up, all along likes to also do working environment brightly, accordingly, the daylighting of Aries office has greatly absolutely exquisite, the office talent with an enough light accords with the Aries requirement to the environment absolutely. Of whole office decorate Ying Yiqing green to give priority to, the space that lets office is full of a few outdoors breath, in such environment the job can increase your enthusiasm greatly, the job is not easy and tired out. The actuation nature of Aries comes into being troubled condition easily on financial management, had better be inside the room gush a few light perfume, conduce to stable mood, can develop weller in the job, money carry also is met billow and come.

Aries duty field is no-no

Do not hang the picture of a few weird abstraction on the wall, the lubricious department of the picture is unfavorable slant red, what can affect you is subconscious, destroy your mood. And the drawing with downier, simple line, ability is active to arriving since Aries up action.


Taurine although you are self-confident, occasionally however courage of hard to avoid is insufficient, proposal desk is placed in south, won't bring negative sentiment so, still can put a small bowl around the door, can promote your money use. The Taurus with artistic percipient and euqally breathtaking appetite, what do not forget pair of environments at any time is captious, the office that passes elaborate design so is met very those who accord with Taurus is tall savour, put a few elderberry to be able to increase taurine monetary use in the drawer additionally.

Taurine duty field is no-no

Taurine person is unfavorable inside the office place liana, indoor plant had better be xylophyta, can block because of Xie Dacai evil spirit, draw bad energy, and the energy that liana can draw a person instead, particularly unfavorable to the Niu Niu with endurance be good at.


Individual character has a place " the Eight Diagrams " Gemini, very curious to new information, buy all sorts of curious and eccentric book machine to lead nature quite tall, so in the office little not greatly bookshelf. Gemini wants to enhance movement power, can put acoustics around desk, hearing music constantly, put a few young toys to be in the drawer, when resting now and then take play, can reduce the be agitated mood that arises in the job, turn pen container into pink tender pink, can give you the energy with compensatory constant in a steady stream.

Gemini duty field is no-no

Unfavorable some of sharp metal implements is placed on desk, love moves back and forth the Gemini of dot can hurt him very likely.


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