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The office is geomantic: Field of 12 constellation duty is geomantic big luck tu
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The Cancer that feels dye-in-the-wood to the family, also did not compare the article such as the photograph of family to let their joyful again, the picture of family is set on desk, cancer the job rises can be more exert to one's utmost. Cancer the lucky color that blue is you, if have saxifrage, use beautiful glass bottled rise when adornment, also can raise your lot!

Cancer duty field is no-no

Right hand side does not place too much thing, general Cancer person habit writes with the right hand, right hand side puts too much thing, affect smooth sex of the activity, so clip of teacup, archives, book had better place to the left.


The goods that the Leo with bully very energy of life should put is larger luxurious article, they like the stimulation of manner and smooth shadow, also take high-grade creature comfort seriously. A few argent adornment should be put more inside your room of Leo, can let you have fun at go grinding only oneself job. If you had had a sweet heart, did not forget to add up to yours according to put in the office, put two mint leaf secretly in photograph casing backside, you always can accompany lifetime.

Leo duty field is no-no

Somebody the place of pass in and out is unfavorable place too much hindrance, if discrepancy line places mouth of too much and large content, often want on foot left hide right those who shine, time is long, the conference in the heart of Leo is much some rarer uncomfortable, indirect ground works and human also very won't successful.


In 12 constellation with clean addiction famed maiden, orderly cleanness is the basiccest to him. If maiden a door that just is in to rely on to enter a lavatory by arrangement, I think he can resign immediately. Nevertheless, clean besides, aesthetic standard is explicit, especially novel to the design office things, had better accomplish everything needed is ready. Those who love clean is maiden, suggest you put an umbrella to be in the office at any time, can make you more easy the mutation that answers weather.

Maiden a duty field is no-no

Right maiden for sit the place that stands by a toilet is great fierce. Because toilet block breaks life to come in, reason carries to money, business is quite adverse.


The clothes that buys to let love beautiful Libra place can have an a home to return to, if possible sentence, of Libra you had better be to install a chest to be in the office, take a small case at the same time, can put you those adornment that do not pile. Some of small china had better be placed more inside the office, can avoid go be being bothered needlessly, bring greatest help to you.

Libra duty field is no-no

Your in the office position of Libra is best inter, most those who abstain from is the or so corner when taking the door, conspicuous position can let your popularity increase.
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