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The office is geomantic: Field of 12 constellation duty is geomantic big luck tu
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Have the Scorpio of a kind of fatal attraction inherently, think Scorpio and sex are not divided generally, the bed is having great value to Scorpio. Accordingly, one is put in the office but the sofa that fold becomes a bed, the Scorpio that can allow sex appeal more be full of glamour. What need an attention additionally is, of Scorpio the southwest range that you want to be in the office lays a large mirror, hang a popular package in specular upper part, can increase your popularity, have the state that finance affairs has not enough to meet the need, also will stroke in succession smooth with improve.

Scorpio duty field is no-no

Office position is in doorway porch place, if can sit only the word over there, had better set the water condition of a flow, or it is an aquarium, because water can change magnetic field, will decline gas turns to be enraged for flourishing, to you and the help that have the obverse side to company whole development.


Inherent enthusiasm is good the archer that move, be happy to accept new thing, although archer cloth buy is fair the interest of the room is so not high, can try nevertheless change next curtains. Archer if want to greet fetch more lucky, suggest you change office articles for use into powdery yellow to fasten entirely, on a few dandelion are inserted in the office, gush perfume of a few citric and nicotian olfactory, let oneself keep sober as far as possible, the decision do not be made in ado, once lost direction-sense, in the decoy that will fall very easily into unworthy apprentice, would rather miss investment opportunity so, also do not cause huge loss of money because of temporarily carelessness.

Archer duty field is no-no

Archer you are too good move, the female avoids to sprinkle too thick perfume, because let a boss very easily have,associate undesirably, be in a company all the day a powerful and unconstrained style, manage the company not quite well to place perfume flavour.


Have the Capricorn of working mad tendency, to them the office is another home completely, move the thing in the home completely can yet be regarded as a good idea. Capricorn your individual character lets other feel too rigorous, although this is the style of the Capricorn, but let a lot of opposite sexes often misunderstand you however very bad and close! If you are the proposal that makes customer service work,you decorate the office into orange attune, lamplight also wants downy, let you can be full of sweet feeling all over, can allow your increase a lot of opportunities that hold difference concurrently or earn extra income.

Capricorn duty field is no-no

Capricorn you had depressed yourself quite at ordinary times, office space scarcely can be too small, had better be in desk ahead withholds a space, can develop get together the effect that accept auspicious enrages.
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