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The office is geomantic: Field of 12 constellation duty is geomantic big luck tu
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Water bottle

This is a constellation that does not give a shop sign by card manage all along, water bottle the person feels to work in the home, have a meal in the office, rest what to don't have in the dining room incorrect interest. The office is to be able to do anything to them, it is the place that will develop oneself, want to raise the sentence of movement power, can move freely adjustable sit lie the sofa of angle, can satisfy them to follow the life attitude that promote most. Water bottle the person has definite idea very much, white or cream-colored are lucky color, the window of the office wants to often be opened wide, curtain criterion with blue best, a lovely rice white is put on the desk small desk lamp, can increase your character charm greatly.

Water bottle duty field is no-no

The money that had better take in the office, in enter an inclined diagonal, this position wants bright, clean, the attention cannot put artificial flower, can rise to combat the effect.


Romance gets the Pisces that be in a complete mess, to the office yearning the illusion that comes from a kind of happiness actually, love romance the thing that they like pink to fasten very much. If Pisces is handling official bussiness indoor southeastern place beautiful flower, the flower is given priority to with pink. If do not have a flower, green cacti is OK also, physical power of complement of a few fig can take when resting, can improve your luck absolutely so.

Pisces duty field is no-no

Of Pisces you remember placing screen, lest obstruct money movement.

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