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Summer office leaves carry flourishing money geomantic clever way
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Work hard, hit seriously go all out, why be promoted the portion that raises always does not have you? The career carry force that thinks knowing is what reason lets you is small fan depressed? Actually the key is in the place that you work everyday, the office is geomantic not beautiful, not only easy incur as person of low position, easy also him block up career future! Come quickly now postmortem your office is geomantic, find out the account that makes your job carry low confuse, use the following career to open movement way, help force of carry of field of your aggrandizement duty, make you successful rise job raises!

A window noble runs after smooth

If be in the place that you handle official bussiness, have the word of one side large window rear, formed backside not to have the geomantic pattern that lean, make your job mood easily not stable not only, relatively will aid without noble, and often can a person of low position circumvent, proposal rearward adds outfit curtain or place an embroider screen to be being blocked at this moment, can dissolve backside to not have those who lean is undesirable and geomantic, help you get noble guide and support, career progress is greater.

Carrying to bathroom door situation is not smooth

When desk to bathroom door when, go up in public affairs not only often by picky, and dirty gas gathers, make person body easily also insalubrious, cannot dedicated go up at the job. At this moment besides outside a brunet drape is added to hold off at the door the toilet, more the proposal often is used will remove dirty gas except dirty gush agent, can change foul gas field, for you open is lucky.

On any account places space of individual character of associate of food of difficult stretch of bad side career

The plan is carried out constant not successful, meet with repeatedly the obstruct of other, might as well at this moment notice check is looked up, on desk put the position, just place was turned over? Generally speaking, when put, want those who let left to place those who act the role of prep above right adorn, because left is so called green Long Bian, want by the side of Qing Long tall, just get the self-identity of other easily, can avoid plan picture to often be born change, the result that carelessly ends.

Everybody backside as person of low position to also come too

If of the seat rear, always somebody is to-and-fro, this is substantial meeting not only make you abstracted when the job not dedicated, and the Lilliputian on easy incur, speak ill of you privately or be hold sb back, make you whole movement power suffers an effect greatly, because this suggests to be placed on office desk 3 honour Maitreya Buddha, can pin Lilliputian, can bring you the calm on the heart again, let you whenever can laugh at a mouth to often leave.
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