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The career is flourishing geomantic point informs the office surely
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"It is the home with the office " the real life portraiture that has become modern city office worker. How does ability let him firmly ground protect rice bowl below the economic depression, state that cuts down the member of persons employed to happen again and again, even rapidly go up in the world, become the issue that every Office employee cares very. Actually, in the company, the person that Guan Yunheng tells outside the actual strength besides itself, of the office geomantic very important also.

So, water of what position, square in the office aweather is best? What position is compared not ideal? Must not say you do not believe unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, the ancient books that connects China " The Book of Changes " the wonderful change that ever also tried good or ill luck of good fortune of graph prophecy misfortune, will change the destiny that becomes already.

The position:

The ancients is alleged " Yang Zhaifeng water " it is to point to " the daily surroundings of living person " , will tell to office worker, office environment is " duty field is open curtilage " . One can " make a person " however not " person of be enslaved to be enslaved to " the position, it is duty field in best geomantic, that is to say, can one soon the every act of quiet others, can protect the position of oneself privacy again, this also accords with strategics to go up fitly " into can attack, retreat can defend " the strategy, also be the position that boss or directors favor likely so. As to common young staff member it is very difficult organic conference sits such " be clear at a glance " of the position, this also just as well, be in actually everybody in the circumference of the seat, also can build a space that is helpful for oneself. Want to assure to let body and mind do not suffer interference above all, can make thinking fast concentration, clear-eyed think. So, what kind of environment goes against above to ask?

1, in front have a mirror -- easy influence sympathetic, make thinking cannot be centered for long.

2, the back is not had " backer " (it is corridor or glazing after one's death) -- mood cannot quiet.

3, face closet or be opposite doorway -- unpleasant odour and person bearer are gone to bring about easily distractingly.

Above these positions go against play director, but in case be gone to unfortunately by arrangement such position, also never mind, can be improved with a few small methods. For instance:

1, with a few small veil (be like potted) will hold off the line of sight.

2, use wing chair to add safe touch.

3, add keep out of a door curtain more for the doorway. Anyhow, add the body and the stable touch when the environment is contacted, be equal to the work efficiency that improved you.


Daylighting is close to nature more, transfer human body gene more easily, make its adjust groove.
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