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The career is flourishing geomantic point informs the office surely
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The office is accomplished very hard have natural light everywhere, even if the office that has big glazing on four sides, also not likely everybody can divide the seat that relies on a window, although sit in window edge, if angle is bad, sunshine is illuminated on computer screen from backside, go against the job instead. We can be made up for now with a few artificial methods.

Fill artificially smooth, with as far as possible imitate nature is smooth had better. Because solar lamplight is spent bright, low-cost, save with report, the most inside the office uses fluorescent lamp illume, but solar lantern show has what naked eye loses sight of to twinkle. Cause chronic eyesight loss, so best fluorescent lamp of much small cup is used at the same time, in order to reduce the harm of cross-eye eyeball. Additional, fluorescent lamp is tonal slant cold, a small desk lamp can be placed in the desktop, can make up for the illume blind angle of fluorescent lamp already, can increase the warm result on the vision again.

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