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The office is geomantic the 9 big principles that should follow
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The office is geomantic the biggest principle

Avoid carries the door on the back and sit

If desk stands by the door to put, the person carries the door on the back and sit, this is desk puts the first main point that should avoid.

The door is a person enter surely the place of classics, it is the gas mouth of the office, also be the place that accept enrages, include to get angry with evil spirit gas. If the person is carrying a doorway on the back and sit, hind without support, the miscellaneous air that bearer goes backside someone is pounded, long-term and such, sit hereat the clerk can lie constantly in a kind of subconscious nervous condition, always feel to appear sometimes somebody peek, cause feeling mixed and disorderly, decision-making error, cannot have done every thing stably, always feel float dry, can appear even kidney function is bad, the waist aches, blame of Lilliputian, thing is encountered to wait a moment on the job. This kind of circumstance is in geomantic on cry " air cooling blows a back " . Dissolving a method is those who adjust desk put the position, be being changed is not the position that carry the door on the back and takes; But the position that adjusts desk not quite easily to the young staff member of the office, because the position of a lot of desk is put because of working need, so the chair that we can choose a piece to have back will sit, such backside not only have leaned, still can the concussion that block breaks miscellaneous spirit.

The office is geomantic the 2nd big principle

Avoid sits by the side of the window that relies on footpath

One the window is a building presents gas opening, can bring into life or evil spirit gas, but the window that there is pedestrian footpath outside the window, not only the miscellaneous gas that can bring into come and go, return the footstep that can have a pedestrian, roaring sound, and the noise of other a kind sound evil spirit the job that disturbs oneself. If leave way of window of desk locate pedestrian, be equal to desk park a few form evil spirit under; If need to study the secret of the company, natural meeting worries about the person peek that has a few without fixed duties. The job on the desk that stands by the window in this kind can install no less than hearts to work.

Dissolving a method is: The desk should leave a window a bit a few further as far as possible, the distance that is far from the window reads the document on not clear desk for the person in corridor. Also want to use a curtain at the same time, obscure via commonly used curtain the window, the people that rock makes a round trip outside avoiding a window affects the thinking of worker.

The office is geomantic the 3rd big principle

Avoid hind have a window

Very much now high office has bright French window, look down at group building, those who one kind stands high above the masses is satisfied. Some people like to put desk and window parallel, will between locate desk and French window, the window as backer, the desk position that such putting also is wrong.
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