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The office is geomantic the 9 big principles that should follow
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Hind have a window, as hind like having the door, cannot use. The window is the entrance with amiable light, like the door leaning after theory and avoid sit.

Dissolve a method: It is to adjust desk position; 2 it is a choice of one Zhang Yougao back of a chair sit chair.

The office is geomantic the 4th big principle

Appropriate hind have backer

From geomantic in light of learned point of view, very geomantic the biggest principle is " hill annulus water is held in the arms " , that is to say rear hill makes support, come flourishing person, there is water to surround in front, come flourishing money. So seat backside must want to backer just is helpful for the career of worker, in the office alleged " backer " it is a wall, the seat wants as far as possible recumbent wall, too much space had better not take between wall and seat.

The office is geomantic the 5th big principle

Logical choice desk

The quality of nowadays desk is given priority to with ligneous commonly, but if to the life the person of wood of the avoid on manage uses ligneous desk,can appear instead bad thing. The choice happy avoid that we can get on in the light of him lot put in order is helpful for his desk. If the choice on quality is not much, we can try use and remedy from color and design.

Belong to igneous color: Gules, purple

Belong to earthy color: Yellow, coffee, dark brown, Brown

Belong to golden color: White, aureate, argent

Belong to the color of water: Black, blue, gray

Belong to wooden color: Green, cyan, emerald green color

That is to say, if igneous person is fond of on lot put in order, can choose the desk of purplish red color, the person that is fond of water can choose blue-black desk, with this analogize. Still have, if the dirty 胕 of the body has uncomfortable, also can be made up for through color. For example: The some person relation because of the job, often dinner party, drinking is constant thing, long-term and such, liver can be overcome, classics regular meeting is faint make ache. We fill with respect to the woodiness desk that can choose green the five elements of liver. Some person kidney are bad, the color that can choose to belong to water will fill the five elements of kidney. The heart is bad to choose to belong to igneous the five elements, intestines and stomach is bad to choose to belong to earthy the five elements, lung is bad to choose to belong to golden the five elements. We are in the job not only have piece of comfortable desk, virtually still recuperated his body.

At present the design of desk guides advocate of tide remain spell able and concise rectangle, the person that knows bit of geomantic knowledge actually can choose a kind of desk design that is helpful for his, plant even if standing by him tripartite still is linear, and oneself face most outside that edge shows hemicycle however; Additionally one kind of desk is pieces whole show circular arc however, wrapping oneself like a chatelaine same. Geomantic it is the most exquisite ' hill annulus water is held in the arms ' , ' jade belt pesters a waist ' wait for a principle, this kind of him encircle desk not only be helpful for oneself, make a few auspicious angry get gathering, and the finest point is to be able to melt away a few evil spirit energy of life that oneself face, so this is planted him encircle desk, had better not work in the same place on, can bring to the work in the same placing otherwise ill-fated.
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