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The office is geomantic the 9 big principles that should follow
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The office is geomantic the 6th big principle

Avoid mirror illuminate

A lot of units are put have the face-lifting lens with one big magnify, the personage with a few beautiful love also loves to put piece of mirror to be on desk, loving the United States is the person's nature, but if mirror everyday illuminate is worn you, you meet in the course of time him disclosure often is met dizzy, decision-making error, Morpheus is bad to make human body qualitative etc frail and the defect of generation. The mirror is in geomantic in cry " light evil spirit " , it is one kind avoids evil spirit tool; The world in the mirror cries illusive, can make poll head muddleheaded, theory is random. Modern building rectifies an architectural metope completely via often be being stuck with glass, this is the fiercest light evil spirit, by this world of illuminate curtilage the person inside can appear a lot of ill-fated things, fierce light evil spirit meeting brings about the calamity of hematic light, dispute, suffer unexpected personal financial losses. Become you so often by big spectacles illuminate when, do not want again smelly beauty, still keep away from had better.

The office the 7th big principle

Avoid beam presses a top

The as it happens on office some poll is a beam, low condole top is on some poll, these things are in geomantic on cry " crossbeam presses a top " , namely if things go on like this, can let a person generate pressure on the job, get of boss accusing, those who suffer Lilliputian is calumniatory, cervical vertebra is aching, luck block sluggish.

Dissolved method: Geomantic in the ill, function that controls evil spirit energy of life is changed since calabash, go the adornment cane that handicraft inn buys a few to take calabash is twined above, already beautiful the evil spirit energy of life that spent crossbeam to press a top again.

The office the 8th big principle

How proper flourishing " peach blossom "

A lot of people often ask a friend for fun: "Have peach blossom to carry recently? " the person that actually the life takes peach blossom is to show the person grows beautifully, have the talent of literature or literary respect, because the person is outstanding,gain the favour of the opposite sex easily so. But this peach blossom is the peach blossom that point out mistakes so that they can be corrected becomes, peach blossom carries not the person of flourishing can be in oneself peach blossom layout, thereby break him flourishing opposite sex predestined relationship, and incorrect decoration can bring peach blossom disaster to oneself.

The person of hope flourishing peach blossom can be in oneself peach blossom the vase that puts a replete water, the flower is raised in the vase, the season that has peach blossom had better insert peach blossom branch.

The peach blossom that how decides oneself?

The peach blossom that the any of the twelve animals belongs to monkey, rat, celestial bodies be in the west;
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