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China is geomantic learn with the building
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China is geomantic in including deep, close and thinking concept of the system, agree with photograph of code of conduct, this is easy manage easy compose, geomantic highest rudder originates " The Book of Changes " , so geomantic also call Yi Xuekan area; Including operation technology of the system and method, among them " look doctrine " and " manage law " center include the system of numerous and jumbled of vast and numerous that will form 5000; Geomantic the jockey that having Chinese original creation is provided -- the great invention that compass, compass is Chinese geomantic home or can area home, make China is the world go up to discover magnetic field, magnetic declination the earliest, produce the country that application carries out in the life in the mankind.

Tokyo of Japan of no less than establishs an university to cross Bian Xinxiong to teach place to say: "' geomantic ' the object that serves as knowledge gives to the world those who introduce this one distinctive idea is European the earliest, they ' geomantic ' call ' Chinese science ' or ' plan to be like science ' . This is why ' geomantic ' the science of theory and Europe (Science) very similar reason. Come from wide meaning say, ' geomantic ' regard it as superstition to be able to understand its content more as science comparing. " on May 25, 1988, " People's Daily (overseas edition) " with " " geomantic " with burgeoning annulus condition a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties " title, report:

"Geomantic " one word, long-term since by Tu Yinong's thick superstition color, but the lecture of the Zhang Huimin of director of seminar of Chinese qigong science that listened to be held in Beijing recently, in making I understood culture of Chinese ancient time really accumulate containing rich scientific content. "Geomantic " it is among them one of. Alleged " geomantic " good deny, what offer person and economy the geographical environment with the influence namely actually is good deny. Each district appears now the indecipherable phenomenon in a few lives, for example, in hair of frequency of accident of some place traffic; Child of time zone of late night some cries easily be troubled by; Fevered patient moves, burned nature to be retreated; Quadrate building changes carry of the money after building a circle to improve etc, similar a lot of each district are indecipherable the thing of its cause and effect, if probe is met,discovery is the influence of the different common that geographical environment gives person physiology and psychology to bring. China from of old " geomantic learn " have such view: "Annulus hill holds water in the arms " environmental cogency decides angry action, angry action everythings on earth is all exuberant develop. Wanting is such, "Annulus hill " the effect that landform can have to block sand to the root of fangfeng, be beneficial to the growth of crop necessarily; "Hold water in the arms " the time that landform has not develop in overland at that time traffic, resolved boat movement and irrigating trouble of course. Traceable " geomantic learn " burgeoning annulus condition a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties considers to be in abroad already special be current, but be in China the feudal times 100000, had saved this kind of time. Be analysed so with modern science " geomantic " , just be current the mainest task... China is geomantic learn, all previous classics the development 5000, its are formed arrive by academic principle, practical operation method the system of numerous and jumbled of real case, although be known the limitation in the process by human history,restrict among them, including blame science component, but with " syncretic of person of heaven and earth " the pursuit that is jumping-off place and understanding, twinkling China first emperor people penetrating judgment.
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