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China is geomantic learn with the building
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Modern is in those who enjoy place of modern science and technology to bring " civilized " while, all without exception plaints the frightful prospect that natural zoology environment destroys. Modern science and technology is in " man can conquer nature " below the concept, when the broken bad fact that causes to oneself face to face, just recognize the seriousness of a got-up affair.

China is geomantic learn, be in natural minatory mankind " live " when, by sage of Chinese ancient time " examine of Yang Guantian article, Fu is geographical, take all bodies nearly, far take all matter " practice, think and comprehend, and the concept of built person and natural adjust measures to local conditions, harmonious development. And this one principle perforative at China civilized 5000 history, brought up China east, on the west, south, north, medium the urban view that has distinguishing feature each, build landscape and culture. Now day, the door opens the country two years short, western culture, and even modern building unplugs the ground and case, blossom everywhere, urban hasten same sex and malpractice already were shown. Article arteries and veins cannot cut apart, the history won't weigh model.

Be in abroad, china is geomantic had gotten each country differs the attention of domain expert, try to apply in practice, with contemporary and scientific theory and technical measure system comprehensive research, this has to cause domestic expert thoughtful.

Of China " geomantic " be culture after all? Be science? Be a technology? Superstitious still?

Chinese ancestor left group of a big mystery to his descendants! Let contemporary Chinese " abandon regrettablly, those who feed is agonized " . Unworthy descendants clapperclaw ancestor leaves one lot how also give up does not go " feudal scum " , hate cannot " pour child of bathing water along with to also fall " . From this, had with " western sky blue is civilized " replace ourselves contain loess scent " yellow is civilized " controversy. Have dare to risk the world big not the person that argue of Wei speak bluntly is contended for, also have warm be ignorant of even bright in object, the person that dark travel pledges actually. "Western-worship " and " self-abased " a sore point that became a Chinese.

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