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Ancient time is geomantic with modern building
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Geomantic circulate in the secret all the time up to now since ancient times, apply the building at nowadays high-tech to go up however, do not have conflict, instead complementary remedy, outer room magician was not ascended hall, cannot enter naturally room peep the modern building that knows high-tech to cooperate contemporary material and design to reach old geomantic play instead the condition of incisively and vividly!

For example ancient time should lead the energy of life that move flourishing, want will outside journey change, build memorial archway, build city gate... , but an exhaust fan already can achieve this effect now!

Should get together for example again gas, ancient time should bring brook pisciculture, plant a flower... , one fountain is built before wanting Wu Men only now beautiful can get together again gas, kill two birds with one stone! Want to know contemporary and large construction, every all involve 100 million yuan of investment, with the Chinese's tradition, did not decorate geomantic and honest it is to be impossible, it is contact of in the bookshops is less than only just.

But geomantic thing should be placed to may produce incongruous situation to the exterior of edifice whole however in modern building, because this is geomantic master also must with when hand-in-hand, with old geomantic learn manage to match with modern thing thing, will geomantic with the building is accomplished now mix like that an organic whole! A successful modern building, it is the be mentally and physically exhausted achievement of architect and geomantic division absolutely!

The thing of thing of avery kind of inside an edifice all is with geomantic about, nature is generated, also have decorate designedly, after goes to everybody when modern building, might as well look everywhere over there be the geomantic content issue that arranges designedly!

Modern of course building also is ancient time geomantic create a lot of new difficult problem.

For example the house previously is highest have 6 only, give alone, one group closes house; High buildings and large mansions is bristly now, number door is consistent, an edifice lives apart count hundred door, each not photograph experience. Because this is like blame perusal ancient books more and be learned newlier ceaselessly again be in harmony collects be well versed in, looking at modern this world curtilage sure frustrated is at a loss!