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The building is geomantic talk in buying a house geomantic because of the earthq
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China is geomantic learn to develop quite, accumulated valuable experience. One field shake, let us must reclaim wasteland to this times, calamity of nature of ancestral beat back lifts those who have fixed rate classically to think over.

Traditional living pursuit, have before according to, have after lean, be able to achieve success one way or another, and with Zun Qinglong, right Bai Hu, before rosefinch, xuan Wu undertakes polarization is described after. Zhongshan pacify king returns searching rate land bank, search Baoding is completely location of grave of city Chinese grave. Sit among them, can watch billows, can static the emperor town that visits oneself.

Human change nature is a foundation with huge cost, agriculture is changed to industrialized change, industrialized backward industrialized change, new 3 talking is aggravate more the mankind transforms natural pace, natural also with climate changeful, the frequency of calamity is sent, of extreme incident eruptive will punish the mankind. The earthquake that academic physics hints, by astronomy geographical come counterevidence analysis, by geological will undertake forecasting, everybody takes accurate forecast of the earthquake not to have method, can optional location of have the aid of and proper precaution avoid back and forth.

Buy a room to be agreed with quite commonly geomantic, water is money, be willing to live in the place that has water commonly. Backer backer, hope opposite lives or the enterprise comes 180 degrees of about-face, the house of backer is more popular also. And if 3 annulus hill, condition water is faced before, more by sale person promotion is geomantic treasure ground. Contrary, in order to develop what business place offers door model the design is a basis, people does not take seriously greatly indoor and geomantic, or stop only at decorating the proper ornament with interior decoration.

Have the place of hill generally, drape landform is in the majority, north appears even more fault is tectonic, because be killed naturally by excessive hunt, plant on loess slope the tree also can call hill, find have the place that lean, build the feeling of hill, adorn again with water scene, also be the main consideration that develops business investment to buy the ground to build a house. Often have the building Pan Yonghao that faces water curtilage the price will gain a success, have more be apart from a city very far not the ground of barren, in order to make the outward appearance that hill makes water, build the heaven that has wealthy person. Here geographical environment and a person of extraordinary powers pledge element support falls curtilage, often build it is some of building cover the property with lower rate, produce an earthquake truly, step on the machine rate that is flat to compare city heart actually even tall.

The author thinks, primitive nature has higher referenced value, turn the city that accumulates natural enroach on with bedding face through the city, outdoors and geomantic consider according to shock-proof requirement and fitting room sex, draw lessons from a meaning actually not quite, a village leans outside establish a range, rely on the tourist attraction of the construction that weigh gold, rely on so-called former modes of life and relation to their environment to make high price expensive simple product, refinance is used geomantic learn to have sale, can gain idealer sale, but will tell at truly geomantic principle, have not a leg to stand on, earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, a county by beaten, explain we buy a house, answer to outdoors and geomantic view a bit more appropriate, observe and study a bit.
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