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The State Council concerns the announcement of the problem about strengthen
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Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council orgnaization of each ministries and commissions, each directly under:

Height of the Party Central Committee, the State Council takes land management and adjusting control seriously. 2004 of print and distribute " the decision that the State Council reforms firm land to manage about deepening " (the country is sent [2004] 28) , execute the law in firm land, strengthen rights and interests of farmer of program management, safeguard, stimulative intensive to use system of the ground, perfect liability to wait for a respect, made the provision of comprehensive system. Various places, departmental door takes step, fulfil actively, obtained initial effect. But, current land administration appeared in land adjusting control especially a few new trend, new issue, construction has grown with ground gross fast, low cost industrial land is excessive and outspread, break the law violate compasses occupy farmland phenomenon to be banned repeatedly with the ground, excessive more than, father a task of ” of land “ gate is very formidable still. Implement scientific progress concept to be carried out further, make sure economic society can develop continuously, must take rigidder administrative step, cogent strengthen land adjusting control. Inform as follows with respect to concerned problem now:

  One, the responsibility that makes clear land management and farmland protection further

The place is various main controller answers people government the farmland inside area of politics of one's own profession retains quantity and basic farm monitoring area, land uses overall planning and annual plan to carry out a circumstance to be in charge of. Will add construction newly to dominate index with the ground (include to take up agricultural the ground and did not use the land) bring into land to use annual plan, retain with actual farmland measure and add construction newly to be accumulated with the ground, use annual plan assessment, land management and farmland to protect the basis that responsibility target assesses as land; Plan actually more than with the ground, deduct the plan index with below one relevant year. Ministry of land natural resources should strengthen pair of each district to build what impose a condition with the ground and land actually to check.

According to authority duty consistent principle, adjust urban construction to examine and approve means with the ground. The urban construction that decides with overall planning in land benefit uses ground range inside, what examine and approve by batch of cent of the State Council lawfully is agricultural the ground turns use and land is collected, adjust for annual by provincial people government collect hind is declared, via examine and verify of ministry of land natural resources, after newspaper the State Council is approved by provincial people government specific organization is carried out, executive plan signs up for ministry of land natural resources to put on record.
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