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About rectifying a standard further estate trades the announcement of order
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Build housing [2006]166 number

Each province, municipality builds hall, real estate department of municipality directly under the Central Government (build appoint) ,

To carry out " the announcement that transmit of general office of the State Council builds the branch such as the ministry to supply a structure to stabilize housing price opinion about adjusting housing " (the country does hair 〔 2006 〕 37) , rectify normative estate to trade further now order informs as follows about the problem:

   One, sufficient understanding rectifies normative estate to trade the principal port of order

(one) rectify normative estate to trade order, close right increase to defending consumer, stabilize housing value, stimulative estate market lasts healthy progress, have very important sense. Reform of each district estate, development, price, industrial and commercial management department wants from practice " represents " 3 times serious thought and the height that implement scientific progress concept set out, cogent the decision-making deploy that unites the thought to the State Council comes up, insist to deepen reform and strengthen law to develop simultaneously, insist to rectify standard and stimulative health development to pay equal attention to, strengthen a system to build, increase pair of estate to trade link breaks the law violate compasses behavior to investigate strength, build principal part hard standard of sincere letter, behavior, superintend strong, market orderly estate market environment.

   2, increase estate to trade link breaks the law violate strength of compasses behavior punish

(2) strengthen commodity house to open to booking permissive management. Various estate management department should be mixed according to legal process permissive requirement, open to booking good commodity house strictly the license closes. Estate development company is obtained after opening to booking licence, ought to begin to sell commodity house inside 10 days. Did not obtain commodity house to open to booking the project of licence, estate develops an enterprise to must not open to booking commodity house illegally, also do not get with subscribe (include to admit order, register, choose date to wait) , collection books money property cost to wait multiform covert open to booking commodity house. To estate development company was not obtained open to booking licence and be opened to booking illegally or covert open to booking, estate management department should according to " urban estate administers a law " , " regulations of management of urban estate development " and " urban commodity house opens to booking administrative measure " wait for legal laws and regulations to undertake investigating, instruct its deadline to rectify and reform; Do not rectify and reform to refus, should from severe investigate, till cancel development company aptitude.

(3) strengthen pair of commodity houses beforehand (annul) the trends of carry out activity is superintended. Various estate management department should clutch build perfect commodity house beforehand (annul) system and estate put on record to trade immediately on net of carry out contract information is public show a system. Commodity house is basic condition of plan of circumstance, sale, right beforehand (annul) carry out information should be in well and truly system and sale spot put on record to undertake on the net fair show. Release false information to estate company, fry date selling a house, cover the baleful hype such as source of room of dish of cherish carry out, corner, drive up house price, or indulgent service working personnel acclaims estate company house price, of disturbed market order, estate, development is reformed (the price) , industrial and commercial management department should press respective duty lawfully from severe investigate. Forbidden will buy not complete opens to booking commodity house to be made over all right again. Estate management department wants according to " commodity house sale runs way " concerned regulation, strengthen pair of commodity houses of the salesperson groom and manage, to violating compasses be engaged in commodity house beforehand (annul) the unit of carry out activity and personnel, want to severely treat.
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