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The six ministries and commissions such as construction ministry are mixed
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Classics the State Council agrees, construction ministry, Department of Commerce, development is reformed appoint, people bank, industrial and commercial total bureau, foreign currency bureau is released jointly " the opinion about admittance of foreign capital of normative estate market and management " .

  Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government; The State Council mechanism of each ministries and commissions, each directly under:
Since this year, growth of investment of foreign trader of domain of our country estate is rapidder, the orgnaization outside the condition and individual buy estate in churchyard more active also, develop to promote estate market health, classics the State Council agrees, show admittance of foreign capital of market of normative estate and management to offer the following opinion:
   One, admittance of market of estate of investment of normative foreign trader
(One) the orgnaization outside the condition and individual buy estate of blame for private use in churchyard investment, ought to chase after the principle that abide commerce exists, invest the concerned regulation of estate according to the foreign trader, application establishs a foreign trader to invest an enterprise, concern via be approved about the branch and be being dealt with register rear can pursue relevant business according to the scope of operations of approve.
(2) foreign investment creates estate company, investment amount exceeds 10 million dollar (contain 10 million dollar) , register capital to be not gotten 50% under investment amount. Investment amount under 10 million dollar, register capital gold to still be carried out by active regulation.
(3) establish a foreign trader to invest estate company, business affairs is in charge of branch and office of government of industrial and commercial bank to approval is established and be dealt with lawfully register the formalities that register, fair page sends a year period " foreign investment company approves letter " and " business charter " , to the tax authority conduction duty Wu is registered.
(4) the share of company of foreign investment estate and project are made over, and the investor outside the condition is bought inside estate company, mix strictly according to concerned law laws and regulations by the branch such as commerce director policy regulation undertakes examination. Investor should be referred fulfill " contract of sell one's own things of state-owned land access " , " construction uses ground program permit " , " licence of construction project program " the assurance that wait cases, " state-owned land licence " , construction (estate) the change that is in charge of a branch puts on record proof, and the relevant pay taxes that the tax authority issues proves material.
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