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Task of research center of banking of Beijing Normal University considers to report " real-estate industry capital reported 2008 " release in Beijing 18 days afternoon. The report shows, 2008 the financing gap of real-estate industry is 673 billion yuan, the characteristic with close hasten of real-estate industry capital begins to be reflected centrally in second half of the year. This report still is forecasted, if estate of next year China encounters metaphase is adjusted, so financing gap will achieve 929 billion yuan.

The main content of this report is right analysis of gap of condition of side of situation of estate company trade, supply and demand side terrain, fund, financing and appear on the market company special analysis, whole reflects the fund condition that estate company pays close attention to most since 2008. And demand is vacant, capital is in short supply the main point of view that makes this report. The report thinks current estate market is very much the main source of the problem is demand is vacant. The report is forecasted, the financing gap of real-estate industry was controlled in 673 billion yuan probably 2008, and this number is in 7 years when, the capital of estate is the condition of a profit, financing gap is 50 billion yuan of RMBs 8 years first half of the year. Odd and huge gap will begin to be reflected centrally in second half of the year.

“ capital supply and demand is put in breach, do not mean pair of industries to undertake noting endowment the problem that can solve the existence inside the industry, the key that real-estate industry experience adjusts is appearing at demand wait-and-see with atrophy. ” this report shows, second half of the year will be price and house price 2008 what all be faced with dominance to turn pressure of be issued to lower levels is initiative period, the sale puts alleviation to sell profit to glide inevitable. -- turn from " economy is referenced newspaper "

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