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Housing and dispatch of ministry of urban and rural construction say to wil
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Housing and ministry of urban and rural construction were released again recently " the announcement that decorates management about strengthening the residence to decorate further " (build qualitative [2008]133 date) (the following abbreviation is " announcement " ) , point out should perfect give aid to policy, promotion decorates a room completely.

" announcement " express: Each district should continue to carry out fulfil " a certain number of opinions that improve residential quality about advancing residential property modernization " (the country does 1999 〕 of hair 〔 72) and " commodity house is decorated reach the designated position executive guideline " (build housing 〔 2002 〕 190) , make piece give aid to related the stage policy, guide and encourage build commodity house to decorate reach the designated position or menu type decorates mode. Want a foundation this locality is actual, science plans, cent pace is carried out, achieve stage by stage abolish semifinished product room, offer to consumer directly decorate finished product room completely.

" announcement " middle finger goes out, in the residence in recent years adornment decorates a process in, a few users violate state law statute, do sth without authorization changes a building to use the circumstance such as construction of building of function, attaint to happen from time to tome, life of the people's livelihood giving a person and belongings safety bring very big hidden trouble. To strengthen the residence further adornment decorates management, safety of quality of cogent safeguard residence and service life, branch of various construction director should perfect adornment of our region residence to decorate administrative system further, fulfil decorate the person, responsibility that decorates the residence such as enterprise and property service company to run an unit. -- turn oneself " capital times "