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The person that buy a house still is borrowed the specified amount is small
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Lower interest this to involve the interest rate of the loan that buy a house likewise, watch of Central Bank interest rate shows, the commercial loan of 5 years of above and accumulation fund loan drop small respectively 0.09% . 5 years period interest rate of above business loan from 7.83% drop 7.74% , and 5 years period interest rate of loan of above accumulation fund from 5.22% drop 5.13% , 5 years period reduce scope below bigger, achieve 0.18% .

After lowering interest, will tell to buying room person, still borrow the forehead to will small drop.

With computation of 500 thousand yuan of 20 years of loan, repay in principal and interest waiting for the forehead below means, before lowering interest should return interest every months 4129.46 yuan, lower interest to should return 4101.66 yuan every months later, both differ 28 yuan.

Because was added continuously last year,cease nevertheless, specified amount of reimbursement of the person that the house is bought before this had had apparent growth, lower interest this to be able to touch what disappear added breath effect last year almost very one of left and right sideses.

Chen Zhencheng of house property analyst says, as a result of whole anticipate had changed, the room of little scope borrows interest rate to drop, impact of wait-and-see to building city attitude is not big, consumer will still continue wait-and-see. This is main because reduce part of reductive of place of loan interest rate to buy ” of room “ cost, drop than the house price that expects at its place is likely reductive buys room defray honest too little.

At present a lot of cities are being prepared roll out a room to hand in meeting, everybody prepares to be taken out depreciate, discount privilege scheme. Especially 10 thousand divisions, constant is big, rich of the large development business such as force large-scale depreciate problem, can continue of the consumer on aggravate market farther wait-and-see, make business of a few development quicken depreciating pace. For whole, the trend with wait-and-see market was not changed at this point. -- turn from " eastward morning paper "