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Contractive battlefront prepares room look forward to " hibernate " investm
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The expert thinks, financial environment needs to restore normality, the proposal cancels to buy limitation to the 2nd flatlet

The severe winter of real estate is coming, hangzhou because of 10 thousand divisions take the lead in depreciating behavior is become dozen fold the storm center that sells a house. Yesterday, negotiable securities of the Yangtse River studies the ministry invests real-estate industry Hangzhou of politic seminar optional location, attracted research organization and numerous estate to appear on the market the participation of manager of company, fund. Estate company states will contractive battlefront prepares hibernate in succession. The scholar thinks closely related the reform of financial environment and estate, the proposal restores money market normality. The investment proposal that industry analyst gives out is capital is in awkward times, long-term “ values ” , in “ low matching ” is current best choice, awkward hour more want “ of new look upon to keep action gold 10 thousand”

Expert: Financial environment needs to restore normality

Vice-chairman of Chinese estate seminar considers Professor Yun Chang to express, the development concern that finance reforms pair of estate is close. His viewpoint gets the person that attend the meeting is agreed with extensively.

Gu Yunchang expresses, mixed 2005 the sale area of domestic estate grew 2006 from hundred rise to 24.7% , price of the house inside a year rose 2007 17.5% , because finance reforms taking breakthrough,be greatly, on capital market the success that change, bank is accelerated appearing on the market is two serious content. The bank appears on the market loan increase extends after financing, appeared 2007 ground king, stock market financing drove house price actively. Study data also proves, individual mortgage loan arrives from hundred growth 80% , drop quickly below policy control this year. He expresses to will be opposite this month concerned department to table a proposal: The improvement of financial environment is the main condition that estate environment improves, current banking environment needs to restore normality, cancel pair of the 2nd flatlet for example buy limitation.

Gu Yunchang thinks, to the policy of real-estate industry at present the target should be: Protect stable, hurried to clinch a deal, too good winter. In estate development process, how preventing bubble distend and fracture is world difficult problem, bubble once appeared in country of the Japan 1991 and the Hong Kong 1997, southeast Asia, also happen in the United States with financial complete system at present. Should promote above all to real estate trade quantity, maintain stability, it is stability anticipates next, increase the construction of taxation and financial environment. After preventing big cases fall greatly, reduce wave motion, stability develops. He suggests to develop an enterprise to had wanted to there is the note of a few respects in the winter very much: Guard capital catenary, seek poor dissimilation, raise sexual price to compare, enhance strength.
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