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Agential newspaper group warms oneself business of sale of endowment of ins
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The “ newspaper group inside real estate warms oneself ” phenomenon in recent years common occurance, more outspread nowadays to sale representative industry. Yesterday (17 days of) , the reporter learns, subsidiary of China of be an official of manage of the Kingdom of Wei of orgnaization world nation and native land estate serve the adviser of the property that cross a state that pays place to appear on the market in button the sale professional work that adviser of orgnaization great exploit will begin Chinese residence project together.

According to bilateral cooperative agreement, two companies will provide residential promotion and sale service together in the light of specific project, still will be according to client demand in specific project arrangement is exclusive resource, the market and high-end residence item are carried in main attention. And understand according to the reporter, the project that at present two companies act as agent severally did not change, be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei concerns personage introduction, bilateral collaboration basically stems from the angle that more long-term strategy develops, if “ develops business optional choose acts as agent among them, also can enable two to serve ' in order to obtain ‘ rise in value at the same time. ”

Through macroscopical adjusting control of a few years, chinese building city is entered adjust level, the one annulus that goes up as real estate catenary -- sale representative industry also certainly will is affected. Accordingly, market personage evaluation begins collaboration to sell a house as the competitor's agent also is for market of break out of an encirclement. President of division of big China of be an official of manage of Dan Shibang the Kingdom of Wei holds presiding apparitor concurrently cattail Jing Sai expresses, seeking is not to answer together building town is at present small confused expedient, establish a kind of new trade pattern in Chinese building city however, will continue to pay attention to build cooperation with preeminent company. -- turn from " newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities "