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120 land shedding take commodity of bright the year after next the residenc
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The land that the near future appears one after another flows pat incident to be made fun of to call land to auction occurrence “ stone by industry ” . " daily economy news " arrange according to newest public data, land of near future whole nation sheds number of beats to already amounted to more than 100, the viewpoint thinks, this may bring about future 3 years two the residence supplies insecurity.

Land sale sheds mark one after another

Public figure of senior and landed group is analysed, because land shedding is patted, each are big the plan of commodity house construction this year may press the city to decide time to come true formerly hard, the house that affects future likely 3 years two builds plan.

Above sea is exemple, build a plan according to the residence 2008, the residence supplies dimensions to should achieve 800 ~ with the ground this year 1000 hectare, use at building cheap to hire room, economy except 20% areas among them outside applicable room, other will flow to the market. But from September Shanghai appears since first residence sheds mark with the ground, shanghai has had two residences to shed mark with the ground at present, grow 7C of area of wind business affairs among them boreal piece plot covers an area of a face to accumulate fifty thousand eight hundred square metre, yang Hang presses down surface of land of plot of 蕰 plain road to accumulate twenty-six thousand seven hundred square metre. On September 10, ji Qichun of president of limited company of long wind real estate expresses to media, long wind area plans to roll out 3 in all formerly this year curtilage, but as a result of 7C plot shed mark, sell one's own things plans to need to adjust.

According to analysing a personage rough statistic, at present countrywide each district sheds the land that take, had achieved 120 above. Of these land stream pat, the residence that also gives future 3 years two supplies a plan to ring noisy alarm bell. And the view according to Pan Shige, land is supplied stream pat, will bring about what market room source supplies finally to decrease, cause demand exceeds supply, facilitate then of house price rise.

Outside dividing Shanghai, and other places of Beijing, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, all shed mark because of land likely and make the plan offerring the ground that decides formerly comes true on schedule hard.

Supply a plan to be compared with the land that Beijing of the beginning of the year announces this year, the land supply of before this year 8 months and supply a plan to differ very far, among them, residential project clinchs a deal with the ground the quantity was finished only 35.5% what supply a plan. From at present the current situation of building city looks, did not come to what project of residence of a few months uses the land to become friendship condition to also not allow hopeful, predict inside course of study, beijing supplies what realize annual very hard the plan this year.
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