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The Central Bank is denied will aid the United States with 200 billion doll
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After the United States is as high as the plan helping city of 700 billion dollar to pass, the origin of capital is the focus that common people fixes eyes upon. 5 days, coverage of media of some Hong Kong says, once the United States begins to prepare market fund “ to save city ” , china will be likely subscribe amounts to national debt of United States of 200 billion dollar, assist the United States to overshoot difficulty.

But morning paper reporter calls Bai Li of spokesman of Central Bank office of information to seek testimony yesterday when this message, bai Li expresses “ however I am to hear of ” of this kind of view for the first time.

This media reports the analysis thinks, regard the United States as national debt in recent years the biggest the China that buys the home, already became the United States to save the key of success or failure of city financing. Say according to this media, the ” of 200 billion dollar in the financing amount that “ China already purchased institute of the plan that help city to need to American acceptance, divulge “ saves 巿 at the same time the 250 billion dollar that plan head phase raises money, china can be purchased among them 70 billion to ” of national debt of United States of 80 billion dollar. But when reporting this one news, this media did not show the origin of this message.

Yesterday, morning paper calls Bai Li of spokesman of Central Bank office of information with respect to this matter, he expresses however is “ first time hears of ” of this kind of view. He still says: We never had published “ the information of any concerned subscribe, and to saving city to plan the response that pass we had been on bank website give release ” . He tells a reporter at the same time, although believe a source to what this media reports unknown, but he thinks, china shares the work of stable international money market, ought to won't be to buy American national debt merely so simple.

Subsequently the reporter lands website of Chinese people bank, see a head it is 4 days of mornings 9 when the statement that with answering question in the website 11 minutes the form publishs, this statement problem is " spokesman of news of Chinese people bank passes <2008 with respect to United States Congress year act of urgent economic stability > answer the reporter asks " . The Central Bank passes the plan that help city to state “ is glad to the United States in statement ” , point out, “ will continue to be communicated closely with each country central bank and international banking organization with collaboration, resist jointly financial crisis. ” and piece did not allude subscribe matters concerned. -- turn oneself " news morning paper "
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