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"Gold 9 " undone building city " silver-colored 10 " open bureau quality to
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Be in grumous in the wait-and-see mood that comes loose hard, development business spent gold of the coldest a “ 9 ” . The reporter obtains yesterday data will show September, this year gold of building city “ 9 ” already proclaimed undone, and be opposite inside course of study “ is silver-colored 10 ” also hope is scant.  

Supply heat to clinch a deal cold

Development business will be used in September push in a large-scale dish will promote building city get warm again after a cold spell, but gets market response appears rather.

The newest statistic that research center of Cong Youwei estate obtained the reporter yesterday shows, september house of Shanghai skill commodity (room of eliminate resettlement form a complete set) add supply newly to be one million two hundred and six thousand six hundred square metre, annulus grew 63.4% considerably than August; Clinch a deal the quantity is four hundred and thirty-six thousand nine hundred square metre only however, annulus comparing glides 32.8% , achieved Shanghai “ gold the history of city of 9 ” building is new low, with achieve the history new tall 9 ” formed “ gold last year bright contrast, clinch a deal the quantity is equivalent to only last year 22% of the corresponding period.

“ this city of 9 ' building can say gloomy ‘ gold achieved nearly 3 years to come most serious slow-moving situation. ” bless power Xue Jianxiong of director of estate research center expresses, shanghai commodity house will clinch a deal in September all valence and keep balance basically in August, but the supply demand relations that will alleviate somewhat in August will worsen quickly in September, comparing of supply and demand achieves 2.73: The history of 1 is new tall, beg a situation for be more than very apparent.

Be in Beijing, 9 ” also do not have the gold of building city “ that expects inside course of study appear. The statistic of net of Beijing estate buying operation shows, in September Beijing commodity house (period room) sale total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 2788, sale gross area makes an appointment with 330 thousand square metre, day all clinchs a deal the quantity is 93, compared to the same period 391 of last year September drop 76% , more close will 3 years have trade publicly a month that quantity lowest clinchs a deal in data.  

Wait-and-see situation continues

Busy season not the reason of flourishing or with at present building city deepness is adjusted reach wait-and-see mood is concerned inside the market.

“ Jin Jiuyin is concerned before this the network investigation of 10 ” shows, only the netizen of 4% can buy a house during this, the scale that chooses nearly two years not to buy a house is achieved however 70% . Meanwhile, development business is right this “ Jin Jiuyin of 10 ” anticipate very low also, network investigation shows, the development business of 81% judges busy season not flourishing, the development business of 51% chooses in “ Jin Jiuyin 10 ” are pushed quickly dish, with capital of fast steam again.
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