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City of building of golden week each district: Day of noisy of gong and dru
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the estate development business that stretchs tight closer more to capital catenary, golden week of this National Day is to be contended for surely undoubtedly when. Outer ministry environment and immanent below the joint resultant force that adjusts need, 9 ” become gold of building city “ this year color is dim, each district clinchs a deal quantity all exceeding and dispirited. Old standard of the sales promotion since hold a memorial ceremony for, let go the development business of one wrestle, can lend activation length a holiday the market, have more for oneself army provisions, peacefully hibernate?

Shenzhen: Volume price double fall deep-set low fan

Development business depreciates without blow build up date, investor did not draw out the money that buy a house, shenzhen estate market is in National Day golden week is immersed in this year exceeding deep cold.

According to statistic, city of room of the Shenzhen in 7 days of golden weeks clinchs a deal the quantity has many 500 only, day all clinchs a deal quantity even under trade usually data.

On September 29 autumn hand in can open, share 124 estate company to attend autumn hand in meeting, exceed 80% to develop business for this locality among them, many companies shift to an earlier date a few months begin preparative ginseng to exhibit; The person that buy a house is all-time also attention, autumn hand in during the meeting if spot stream of people is knitted.

Clinch a deal the frozen degree of the quantity is mixed however the fervent atmosphere polarity of the spot that exhibit a house. Statistic shows, 5 day autumn are handed in during the meeting, shenzhen skill room clinchs a deal the quantity has 317 only, day all clinchs a deal 63; Among them first days clinch a deal to have 80 only, subsequently two days did not rebound not only, go low gradually instead, only 51 is cover, 46.

The reporter exhibits a project to be in understanding to arrive from ginseng of each development business, each project has different form depreciate “ privilege ” . But house price is adjusted what go up without substantial meaning actually considerably.

Autumn hand in during the meeting, research of Shenzhen estate website and development department are announced " course of study of 2008 autumn buy findings report " show, have about 20% only suffer the person that visit to choose to be in future buys a house inside a year, 70% suffer the person that visit to sway wait-and-see. Apparent, investor buys room apiration to still be not worth right now.

Shanghai: The person enrages apparent promotion

Shanghai autumn room exhibits what have the “ vane ” of Shanghai building city all along to say, the city of “ holiday building that will reach 4 days on October 1 - the sign that autumn of 2008 Shanghai estate shows meeting ” to change the dejected since this year, began a day to attract about 40 thousand person to see a room, the corresponding period mixed outclass last year this year May 25 thousand to 30 thousand person-time.
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