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The Central Bank lowers interest local government " helps city " real estat
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Since the four seasons was spent last year, in hasten of macroscopical adjusting control close big setting falls, estate market enters cold winter gradually, the land of intense older already rate of financing area affects its company outstanding achievement, and all these also already ground of incisively and vividly appears on the market through room look forward to the company is shown at capital market. Nevertheless, the wealth tax policy that draws building city as a series of force that the beginning that the Central Bank lowers interest and partial local government publish, the room look forward to that has character of a person of foresight appears on the market company share price begins to rise at was being played sadly recently.

From September 18 landed start along with grail calculate case to the nine of closing quotation trades yesterday day, baolide produces interval to go up amount to 30.77% , a of 10 thousand divisions goes up amount to 27.33% , golden land group is swelled amount to 25.19% , real progress goes up on amount to 20.78% , china hair stock rises amount to 23.84% , and of index of the card on the corresponding period go up it is only 11.86% .

  Complicated and confusing of future of room look forward to

It is to be in on one hand longer the macroscopical adjusting control with constrictive period falls to the influence of real-estate industry, make this industry faces capital insecurity situation, it is the near future looks on the other hand be like what loosen somewhat grand mix policy, the trend of estate market future is in of these two kinds of elements integrated under show complicated and confusing more, also because of this, the market still has bigger difference to estate market.

Since the four seasons was spent 2007, the statistical data of ceaseless aggravation already can see apparently, this building city is adjusted had developed from economy one, second line city spreads to countrywide limits, adjustment deepness and range are expanding, reduce a building as the star real estate such as 10 thousand divisions dish the price, be anxious to estate market foamy even more aggravate, more many personages say, at present our country one, income of value of house of second line town still apparent on the high side.

Nevertheless, as evening Central Bank will announce interest rate is reduced on September 15 open lower interest periodic, the market anticipates estate market vivid jerk also will increase subsequently, or the sale that will prompt estate. Of macroscopical adjusting control preliminary loosen reflect not only go up in monetary policy, go up in the wealth tax policy of local government clue already also was shown first.

Magensitanli is to predict Chinese general lowers interest 5 times before 2009 more, loan interest rate will by present 7.2% reduce 5.85% will stimulate low confused estate market and economic growth.
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